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AgriFoSe2030 - Agriculture for Food Security

- Translating science into policy and practice


Research and policy to end hunger and promote sustainable agriculture

Today more than 800 million people around the world suffer from chronic hunger and about 2 billion from under-nutrition. This failure by humanity is challenged in the UN Sustainability Development Goal (SDG) number 2: "End hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture".

The AgriFoSe2030-program directly targets the SDG2 in low-income countries through a science-based approach on local, regional and global scales. AgriFoSe2030 contributes to sustainable intensification of agriculture for increased food production on existing agricultural land; the aim is to do so by transforming practices toward more efficient use of human, financial and natural resources.

Read more about AgriFoSe2030's four themes below.

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