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Department of Ecology

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Riccardo Bommarco

Professor agricultural entomology


Telephone: (+46) 018-672423
Room: 1107


Department of Ecology
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Box 7044
750 07 UPPSALA

I study the ecology of insects and plants in agricultural landscapes. I explore how land use, landscape structure, and biodiversity conservation affect the distribution, abundance dynamics and functions of biodiversity, with focus on organisms that provide the ecosystem services biological control of agricultural pest insects, and crop and wild flower pollination by insects (bumble bees, solitary bees, hover flies and butterflies). I participate in interdisciplinary collaborations that aim to translate the attained ecological information into support for policies and development of land management that support biodiversity, ecosystem services and agricultural production.

Research team and resources

I am part of a research team working on these issues. Read more about our resources and activities here: Ecosystem services and conservation research team

Undergraduate thesis opportunities

Do you want to do your undergraduate thesis with us? Read more here.

Other missions

Handling editor for Oecologia.

Lead author in IPBES.

Chair Plant Protection Platform SLU

Publications - some favourites (full list here)

Rundlöf M, GKS Andersson, R Bommarco, I Fries, V Hederström, L Herbertsson, O Jonsson, BK Klatt, TR Pedersen, J Yourstone, HG Smith. 2015. Seed coating with a neonicotinoid insecticide negatively affects wild bees. Nature  doi:10.1038/nature14420

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Rusch A, K Birkhofer, R Bommarco, H G Smith, B Ekbom. 2015. Predator body sizes and habitat preferences predict predation rates in an agroecosystem. Basic and Applied Ecology in press

Rundlöf M., A.S. Persson, H.G. Smith, R. Bommarco 2014. Late-season mass-flowering red clover increases bumble bee queen and male densities. Biological conservation 172:138-145.

Jonsson M., R. Bommarco, B. Ekbom, H.G. Smith, J. Bengtsson, B. Caballero-Lopez, C. Winqvist, O. Olsson. 2014. Ecological production functions for biological control services in agricultural landscapes. Methods in ecology and evolution 5:243-252.

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Garibaldi, L.A., et al. 2013. Wild pollinators enhance fruit set of crops regardless of honey-bee abundance. Science 339(6127):1608-1611.

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Bommarco R., O. Lundin, H.G. Smith & M. Rundlöf. 2012. Drastic historic shifts in bumble bee community composition in Sweden. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 279:309-315.

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Bommarco R., F. Miranda, H. Bylund & Ch. Björkman. 2011. Insecticides suppress natural enemies and increase pest damage in cabbage. Journal of Economic Entomology 104:782-791.

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Bommarco R., Lönn M., Danzer U., Pålsson K-J, Torstensson P. 2010. Genetic and phenotypic differences between thistle populations in response to habitat and weed management practices. Biological Journal of the Linnean society. 99:797-807.

Kuussaari M., Bommarco R., Heikkinen R.K., Helm A., Krauss J., Lindborg R., Öckinger E., Pärtel M., Pino J., Roda F., Stefanescu C., Teder T., Zobel M., Steffan-Dewenter I. Extinction debt: a challenge for biodiversity conservation. 2009. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. 24:564-571.


Research team and resources

Ecosystem services and conservation research team

Ongoing research projects

Staccato - Sustaining agricultural change through ecological engineering and optimal use of natural resources

Green rights-of-way infrastructure for biodiversity and ecosystem services

Multifunctional Agriculture: Harnessing Biodiversity for Sustaining Agricultural Production and Ecosystem Services - SAPES

Habitat restoration in fragmented landscapes: effects on biodiversity - RESTORE

Assessment and valuation of pest suppression potential through biological control in European agricultural landscapes - APPEAL

Crop pollination

Linking farmland biodiversity to ecosystem services for effective ecofunctional intensification - LIBERATION 

Rural development through governance of multifunctional agricultural land use - MULTAGRI

Enhancing biodiversity-based ecosystem services to crops - ECODEAL

Ended research projects

Status and trends of European pollinators - STEP

Securing the conservation of biodiversity across scales - SCALES

Pollination and pest control in organic clover - CLOVER

Effects on biodiversity of land use change and fragmentation - COCONUT

The landscape ecology of pollinating insects - ALARM

Effects of biodiversity and ecosystem services in agriculture - AGRIPOPES 

PhD-students (main advisor)

Sandra Lindström
Pernilla Borgström
Audrey St-Martin
Laura Riggi

Post doctoral fellows

Alva Curtsdotter
Thomas C Wanger


Riikka Kaartinen (postdoc 2013-2015)
Vesna Gagic
  (postdoc 2012-2015)
Ignasi Bartomeus
 (postdoc 2012-2014)
Ola Lundin
 (PhD 2009-2013)
Adrien Rusch (postdoc 2011-2012)
Maj Rundlöf (postdoc 2009-2011)
Lorenzo Marini  (postdoc 2010-2011)
Erik Öckinger (postdoc 2007-2008) 
Camilla Winqvist (PhD 2007-2011)


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