Special Issue for Molecular Ecology

Last changed: 24 February 2017

As an important outcome of the meeting, we have agreed to produce a Special Issue for Molecular Ecology with the provisional title “Species interactions, ecological networks and community dynamics”.

Just as the symposia, this issue is intended to be translational, actively introducing techniques used by people working in these fields to each other, fostering new approaches addressing new ecological questions. Promising themes include molecular approaches to describing predation, herbivory, parasitism, pollination, multi-level species interactions and trophic networks, and community assemblages and dynamics.

Status quo in a nutshell

The issue will principally focus on interactions involving plants and/or animals, but could also include networks that extend to microbial communities. Significant emphasis will be given to new technologies and general horizon scanning, and to emerging applications to biological control programmes, wildlife management and conservation.

To contribute

Should you be interested in contributing to this Special Issue, we ask you to provide a provisional paper Abstract at the meeting in September 2017 and/or to email it to the organisers no later than the end of the symposia.


Molecular Ecology publishes papers that utilize molecular genetic techniques to address consequential questions in ecology, evolution, behaviour and conservation.


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