Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

About SLU

Campus Ultuna in Uppsala. Ill.: Fredrik Saarkoppel 

SLU is situated on many locations in Sweden. Here Campus Ultuna in Uppsala. Ill.: Fredrik Saarkoppel

Environment, natural resources and life sciences

SLU’s knowledge is an important component in many things that people take for granted. Whether it is the food we eat, or the animals we either husband on our farms or love as pets, or the forests that we wander in - all are subjects of SLU’s attention.

SLU works with everything that grows, whether it is plants that provide us with food, give us income, or are just there to be beautiful.

The knowledge that we supply is essential to enable us to utilize our forests, our landscapes, our soil and our animals in a sustainable way.

This sustainable use will allow us to develop, and will also guarantee a good quality of life for our children and grandchildren.

Research and education for life

Research and education at our university spans the range from genes and molecules to biological diversity, animal health, sustainable forestry and food supply – and all in a healthy environment. We are also concerned with global phenomena such as the global warming.

A comprehensive view, interdisciplinary studies and applicability are the ethos of SLU’s research and education, and in our contacts with industry and society.

At our university you will find people with an ardent interest and devotion to their work, and who combine traditional knowledge with a pioneer spirit. 

Mission Statement

SLU develops the understanding and sustainable use and management of biological natural resources.

This is achieved by research, education and environmental monitoring and assessment, in collaboration with the surrounding community.


"SLU is a world-class university in the fields of life and environmental sciences."

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Quality and Impact - KoN

The goal of the Quality and Impact project (KoN) was to provide an objec-tive review of SLU’s research and environmental monitoring and assess-ment. The evaluation was successfully completed in December 2009.

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Information leaflets

- present the university's research, education and environmental assessment and monitoring, and the main campuses Alnarp, Skara, Umeå and Uppsala.

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Findings from SLU

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SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, has its main locations in Alnarp, Skara, Umeå and Uppsala.
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