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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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SLU researchers take part in a climate project

The international research project Cadwago received 900 000 Euro this summer. From SLU Lotten Westberg, Researcher, and Stina Powell, Postgraduate Student, take part. The project coordinator is the former SLU researcher Neil Powell. Recently a kick-off meeting was held in Australia with all the ten participating organisations and universities.

The funding come from the Swedish foundation Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. Together with the italian Compagnia di San Paolo and the german VolkswagenStiftung they have established the venture Europe and Global Challenges. The goal is to stimulate european researchers to collaborate with colleagues in other parts of the world about the big challenges of our time.

There is a crucial link between good water governance, food security, renewable energy and the provision of multiple ecosystem services in contexts characterized by controversy and uncertainty. Cadwago brings together 10 partners from Europe, Australasia and North America who have extensive social science research experience in climate change adaptation and water governance issues, thereby extending the collective global knowledge base through sharing methods and findings.

Cadwago focus on ”lessons learnt” international with the purpose to influence how EU works with the climate changes. The full title of the project is: Climate change adaption and water governance: Reconciling food security policies, renewable energy and the provision of multiple ecosystem services.

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Participants in the CADWAGO project

SEI, International
Expertise in governance and institutional dynamics, representative systems of multi-level governance of natural resources, multi-stakeholder participation in policy processes to support social learning, adaptation, resilience, livelihoods development and the transformation of communities towards sustainable development pathways through the Transforming Governance theme.

SLU, Sweden
Expertise in emergent processes of social change aimed at sustainable development, social interaction of different characters in conflict, learning, negotiation, and power, concerning natural resource management through the Environmental Communication group.

Open University, UK
Expertise in international research on social learning as a water governance mechanism and systemic praxis (theory-informed practical action) for the integrated and sustainable use of water at catchment scale through the Open Systems Research Group.

University of Sassari/University of Ancona, Italy
Expertise in physical, biological and socio-economic aspects of desertification and the hydrogeological characterisation of areas and water management related projects through the Desertification Research Centre (Nucleo di Ricerca sulla Desertificazione).

Wageningen UR
Expertise in interactive design processes, transdisciplinary collaboration, social learning and negotiation processes, process and system innovation and the organisation of knowledge and policy networks through the Communication and Innovation Studies Group.

University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia
Expertise in climate change adaptation, water governance and coastal management through the Sustainability. Research Centre, Australia.

Griffith University, Australia
Expertise in climate change adaptation, water governance, urban planning and coastal management through the Climate Change Response Program, Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, Urban Research Program, and the Queensland Smart Water Research Centre,

University of Tasmania, Australia
Expertise in climate change science and adaptation, sustainability and marine governance through the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies and the School of Geography and Environmental Studies.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Expertise in climate change adaptation and integrated vulnerability assessment through the ORNL Climate Change Science Institute.

Brock Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, Canada
Expertise in environment, sustainability, and social-ecological resilience in climate change, adaptation and transformation and water resources, innovation and resilience.

Contact information

Read more about the Europe and Global Challenges if you follow the link below.

Published by: Mikael Propst

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