Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


2016-04-29 -  The Mongolian Ambassador visited SLU
On 28 April, the Mongolian Ambassador for Sweden, H. E. Mr. Zorig Altai, visited SLU Ultuna.
2016-04-28 -  Support biological control of aphids by supporting spiders and carabids in cereal fields
Ground dwelling predators, such as ground beetles and spiders, help to control aphids and other pests in agriculture. And the more species there are of such natural enemies in a field, the more stable...
2016-04-28 -  Predatory fish can reduce eutrophication effects
Management measures that favour predatory fish, for example cod, can decrease eutrophication effects in coastal areas. This is the main conclusion of a new study reviewing over 50 experimental studies...
2016-04-22 -  Women’s cattle ownership in Botswana. Rebranding gender relations?
Are women able to benefit from their cattle ownership? A recent study by SLU researcher Andrea Petitt shows how they can do it.
2016-04-19 -  Official Representatives from Botswana and Namibia visit SLU
High representatives of two collaborating African countries visited SLU to participate in SLU Global-SIANI Workshop
2016-04-19 -  Wheat pathogens are benefited by other species in the wheat fungal community
The wheat plant is, like other plants, colonized by entire communities of fungi involved in complex interactions. Some species benefit each other while others are incompatible antagonists. How these communities...
2016-04-11 -  Lectures about life and death by new professors at SLU
Eight new professors will be installed at SLU this year. On Friday April 15th four of these will give lectures at SLU in Uppsala, an event that will be webcasted. The remaining four professors will be...
2016-04-04 -  Species rich forests are biological jack-of-all-trades, but masters of none
The more tree species that dominate the forest, the more important functions it provides – if the demands are moderate. If very high performance in any particular service is required, the benefit of the...
2016-04-01 -  New forest management models will help to meet major challenges of the 21st century
Silvicultural methods have evolved in response to historic conditions and are often confined to a national or regional setting. Are they adequate to meet the challenges of the 21st century? Probably not,...
2016-03-11 -  Mosquito CSI – Bacteria reveal information of recent events in a mosquito’s life
Bacteria on and in malaria mosquitos reflect their life history. It is even possible to predict from where a mosquito was taken based on its bacteria, according to researchers at the Swedish University...

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