Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


2015-04-24 -  Moment of silence at SLU to honour the victims of Garissa
The European University Association, EUA, has initiated a joint minute of silence at European universities this coming Monday, 27 April at 12:00. With this manifestation, the participating universities...
2015-04-22 -  Unique field study shows that pesticide harms wild bees
For the first time, a research project has investigated how a neonicotinoid pesticide, clothianidin, affects both honeybees and wild bees in an agricultural landscape. The study shows that honeybees can...
2015-04-21 -  A new start for Policy for Global Development - web seminar from 14 April
Read the article and see the web seminar in Swedish here.
2015-04-20 -  Seminar about the UN Sustainable Development Goals
"We are on track" said Alan AtKisson, sustainability expert and strategy advisor to the United Nations during the seminar "UN Sustainable Development Goals - can they transform the world" at SLU last ...
2015-04-20 -  Delegation from Chiang Mai University visited SLU
On Friday April 17th, a delegation of researchers from Chiang Mai University - Thailand - visited SLU and SLU Global
2015-04-15 -  Neonicotinoids: European Science Academies call for debate that expands beyond bees
A focus on honey bees has distorted the debate around neonicotinoids.There is more and more evidence that widespread use of neonicotinoids has severe effects on a range of organisms that provide ecosystem...
2015-04-14 -  Winter-green croplands are good for the climate
Cover crops do not only reduce nitrogen leaching, but can also help Sweden to reach the climate goals. Researchers from SLU have calculated that cover crops have the potential to offset a not negligible...
2015-04-13 -  Mexican Ambassador at SLU
Today, H.E. Ambassador of Mexico Mr Agustín Gasca Pliego, visited the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, in Ultuna, Uppsala.
2015-04-07 -  The University Animal Hospital featuring in SVT’s Djursjukhuset
During a few weeks in February, a team from Swedish television company SVT visited SLU’s University Animal Hospital (UDS) to shoot footage for the popular tv show Djursjukhuset (The Animal Hospital). It...
2015-03-24 -  Farm animal welfare has more values for farmers than just profitability
That the animals feel good is an important factor in the decision making of farmers when working with farm animal welfare. Understanding the complexity of the decisions of farmers will enable the development...

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