Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


2014-04-01 -  Can the answer be in the soil?
A growing world population has to deal with increasingly urgent issues of food security, flooding and drought, as well as pollution which threaten agricultural productivity and the environment. The answer...
2014-03-31 -  SLU Professor in Darwin Foundation
Jorge López-Moreno, Professor in virology at SLU´s BVF department, has been appointed “active member of the general assembly” of the Charles Darwin Foundation.
2014-03-28 -  Read the Swedish Government´s aid platform and SLU´s responses
Information in Swedish: I skrivelsen redogör regeringen för det svenska biståndets inriktning. Den biståndspolitiska plattformen är ett centralt dokument för den svenska biståndspolitiken och är utgångspunkt...
2014-03-06 -  Seminar: LCA for improved sustainability, in agriculture and society
Time: March 20th 9.00-11.00 Venue: FG-lab (northern end of 2nd floor, which is the floor of the entrance) in MVM-building
2014-03-05 -  Discovery of a new bird family
Based on analysis of several genes, a team of researchers from five countries, incl SLU researcher Per Alström, identified ten primary branches in the tree of life of one of the largest groups of passerine...
2014-03-03 -  Legato - legumes for tomorrow
The FP7 European project Legato (Legumes for the Agriculture of Tomorrow) will be launched in Dijon, France, on March 4th-5th 2014.
2014-02-25 -  MareFrame - Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management
The new EC-funded research and technological development project MareFrame “Co-creating Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management Solutions“ was launched this year.
2014-02-14 -  Can we compensate for loss of habitat at slash and stump harvesting?
Stumps, tops and branches left after logging harbour many species of beetles, lichens, bryophytes, and fungi. Today, these logging residues are to an increasing extent removed in order to be used as biofuel....
2014-02-12 -  Poaching threatens savannah ecosystems
White rhinoceros may be extinct in twenty years with the current poaching rates. The loss of this megaherbivore is in itself a tragedy, but it may also have tremendous effects on the ecosystems they now...
2014-02-11 -  Animal welfare for human health
The way that farm animals are treated and raised is an issue of increasing public concern. Consumers are demanding ethical ways for production of food. Sweden is a leading country in animal welfare and...

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