Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


2014-09-02 -  PhD dissertations
Carolin Menzel - will defend her doctoral thesis :  7th November, at 9.00 a.m. place - VHC, Department of Food Science, SLU, Uppsala.          Thesis title: Starch structures...
2014-08-28 -  Art at VHC inaugurated on September 3
Welcome to the inauguration of Christoffer Paues’ work of art ”Animals of the World” in SLU:s new VHC – Centre for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science.
2014-08-21 -  Climate-CAFE – A new research project on climate smart agriculture
SLU is part of a European consortium that has been granted a new project about development of cropping and farming systems with high adaptability to climate change in a climate smart perspective. Climate...
2014-08-19 -  Millions to new research project on climate-smart farming systems
Kerstin Berglund at the Department of Soil and Environment has allocated 2.39 million SEK to research on climate-smart farming systems. The project Climate-Smart Agriculture on Organic Soils (CAOS) is...
2014-08-18 -  Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences among the World´s “Top 300”
SLU maintains its position in the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities 2014. This year SLU is once again ranked as one of the 201-300 best universities in the world.
2014-08-15 -  RCM Baltic 2014 in Uppsala
From 25th to 29th of August, Ultuna is hosting a meeting with participants from the whole of the Baltic Region.
2014-08-14 -  SLU-Africa cooperation noted on Swedish radio
Swedish University of Agricultural cooperation with the African bio science center Beca Hub in Nairobi has been successful. Now it will be strengthened further. This morning you could listen to the news...
2014-08-12 -  Why White Dogs are White
About half of all dogs show some form of white spotting which can range from a few white marks in the Bernese mountain dog to extreme white coat color in Dalmatians and white boxer. But why have dogs so...
2014-08-06 -  How Spiders Spin Silk
Spider silk is an impressive material: Light weight and stretchy yet stronger than steel. Silk proteins, called spidroins, rapidly convert from a soluble form to solid fibers at ambient temperatures and...
2014-06-25 -  Landscape planning in the Öresund region strengthened by EU initiative
The Lund/Malmö-Copenhagen region hosts strong local research groups in the research field of landscape planning. However, borders and culture are often seen as barriers hindering strategic research cooperation....

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