Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


2014-06-25 -  Landscape planning in the Öresund region strengthened by EU initiative
The Lund/Malmö-Copenhagen region hosts strong local research groups in the research field of landscape planning. However, borders and culture are often seen as barriers hindering strategic research cooperation....
2014-06-17 -  "Retention forestry benefits biodiversity"
Retention forestry implies that at forest harvest some trees are left at site to promote biodiversity. Retention approaches in forestry emerged about 25 years ago as a reaction to negative ecological effects...
2014-06-13 -  SLU Global hosted an international workshop on Livestock and fish
During 10-11 June SLU Global hosted a meeting with a dozen of international scientists from the international research programme system "Livestock and Fish – by and for the poor" within the CGIAR syst...
2014-05-22 -  A project to examine how land and tree production is affected by stump harvest has been initiated
After intensive efforts to find suitable sites for stump extraction experiments, we have now established 14 new experiment sites from Degeberga in the south to Vindeln in the north.
2014-05-22 -  Sweden among the best countries for students
Sweden comes second after the United States in a new world ranking, U21, measuring various countries´ systems for higher education. Adjusted to per capita, Sweden even tops the list.
2014-05-16 -  Mercury and forestry on the agenda in Umeå when mercury experts met
The international conference Symposium on mercury biogeochemistry related to forestry operations, held at SLU Umeå in February, attracted nearly 30 scientists and experts wanting to discuss mercury and...
2014-05-16 -  Bacterial isolates from extreme conditions enhance drought tolerance of wheat
Scientists from the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology together with researchers from the Department of Plant Physiology, Estonian University of Life Science, and the Institute of Evolution,...
2014-05-14 -  Swedish-Chinese research cooperation aims to reduce the risk of mercury ending up in food
The problem of mercury in food chains is growing due to emissions of mercury. The problem of toxic mercury in the food chain is growing due to increased emissions of mercury. How can we prevent the bioavailable...
2014-05-13 -  Global Swede award to SLU student Marta Zdravkovic
Marta Zdravkovic, who studies Rural Development and Natural Resource Management at SLU, yesterday received the Global Swede award at a ceremony which was led by the Minister for Trade Ewa Björling.
2014-05-07 -  SLU very highly ranked by THE
SLU (The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) is ranked no. 24 on the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking list of the world´s 100 best “young” universities (i.e young as not older than 50 years)....

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