The Swedish Species Information Centre works with biodiversity
The Swedish Species Information Centre works with biodiversity


The Swedish Species Information Centre works with biodiversity

The INSPIRE Directive

What is INSPIRE?

INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) is a EU Directive that includes digital spatial data held by public sector organizations. The aim of INSPIRE is to create a common EU infrastructure (e.g. Metadata, network services, and agreements on sharing, access and use) and common rules regarding such data. The Swedish Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registration Authority, coordinates the implementation of INSPIRE in Sweden. INSPIRE includes different types of spatial data, for example:

  • Coordination systems, administrative departments, hydrography and protected areas
  • Elevation data, land cover data, orthophotos and geology 
  • A number of different specific themes

How is INSPIRE of interest to the Swedish Species Information Centre?
There are two types of data from the previously named category that are important to the Swedish Species Information Centre:

  • Distribution of species
  • Habitats and biotopes

At the national level the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is the authority responsible for information regarding these two thematic areas. Within the EU work continues to develop technical specifications of these data themes.

How will INSPIRE be implemented?

In 2010, the INSPIRE regulations were integrated into Swedish legislation through the adoption of an environmental information law by the Swedish Parliament, the Swedish Government has also adopted a regulation on spatial environmental information. Through these regulations the division of responsibility for implementation is clear. The technical specifications for different data themes are also important elements to clarify the implementation.

SLU and The Swedish Species Information Centre have in their statements emphasized that INSPIRE will almost certainly contribute to improved access to data that SLU manages and provides. SLU and the Centre have also highlighted the importance of maintaining protection of data that is sensitive from the perspective of flora and fauna crime.

The Swedish Species Information Centre has begun work to adapt its data to INSPIRE.

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