The Swedish Species Information Centre works with biodiversity
The Swedish Species Information Centre works with biodiversity


The Swedish Species Information Centre works with biodiversity

The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative

Sweden's biodiversity is much richer than previously thought. More than two thousand new species have been discovered since the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative (STI) was established. And there are many more to be found!

In 2002 the Swedish Species Information Centre (SSIC) was commissioned by the Swedish Parliament to identify all species of multicellular plants, fungi and animals in the country and to make the information available to scientists, conservationists and the public.

More than half of the Swedish species are more or less poorly known. Almost nothing is know about where they occur, how they live or about their roles in the ecosystems. Several thousands of species remain to be found, many of which are likely to be common.

To explore this poorly known biodiversity we need taxonomic experts, but also skilled amateur biologists and curious members of the public, who can contribute their knowledge about organisms and their distributions.

Species knowledge concerns all of us!


Helophilus fly on Wood Crane's Bill, Sand Lizard, the coral fungus Clavaria zollingeri . Photo: Johan Samuelsson

English logotype, the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative

News from the STI & friends

2014-12-16 Course on lichen idenfication. The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative and ForBio gives a course on lichen identification at Ekenäs in Södermanland 4–8 May 2015, partially funded by Stiftelsen Oscar och Lilli Lamms minne. Moderator: Göran Thor, SLU. Register 10 April 2015, by the latest. Read more

2014-09-12 Training course on soil fauna, 10-14 November 2014. Learn how to collect and identify springtails, nematodes, mites and other interesting soil animals. The course is held at Ecology Department, SLU in Uppsala and arranged by STI in cooperation with ForBIO.  Read more

2014-08-07 Synthesys - grants announced for research visits to taxonomic institutes in Europe.  Read more

2014-04-28 STI's grants for taxonomy and inventories on poorly known organismal groups have been announced.  Read more

2013-09-10 Taxonomy training in Europe
Courses within DEST's Modern Taxonomy theoretical course programme 2013-2014 and their Expert-in-training programme 2013-2014 are now open for registration. Read more

2013-09-02 Grants for research visits to European museums
Apply for Synthesys grants before 17 October 2013. Read more

2013-08-22 New Swedish Animal Names
Vernacular names for Swedish bats, ladybirds and spiders are now formally set.  Read more

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Rikard Sundin

Brochure about the STI

Front cover STI Brochure

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The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative grants support to research within taxonomy and systematics on poorly known organismal groups.

 Read more about research within the STI


Inventories of poorly known organism groups constitute an important part of the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative.

 Read more about STI's inventories


The Encyclopedia of the Swedish Flora and Fauna presents information on Sweden's species, with popular texts, easy-to-use keys for species determination and beautiful, instructive illustrations. 

 Read more about the Encyclopedia of the Swedish Flora and Fauna  

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