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The Centre for Reproductive Biology in Uppsala (CRU) is a joint body between Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Uppsala University. CRU consists of a network of scientist working in the field of reproductive biology at the two universities. CRU’s main function is to increase the knowledge about reproduction in animals and humans by applying a more comprehensive view on reproductive biology. To arrange conferences, seminars, workshops and postgraduate training activities are key components in this work.


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10th of March 2016

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Membership in CRU is open for scientists at SLU or Uppsala University working in the field of reproductive biology and is free of charge. Apply by sending an email to CRU including your name, address, phone number, email address, and enclose the following information:

  • Postgraduate students:
    Title of your doctoral project
    Name of your main supervisor
    5 keywords

  • Researchers:
    Current research activities
    (5 sentences)
    5 selected publications
    5 keywords

Scientists, national or international, not affiliated to SLU or Uppsala University, are most welcome to join the CRU send list and receive information about our activities. Apply by sending an email to CRU.


Centre for Reproductive Biology in Uppsala (CRU)
P.O. Box 7054
SE-750 07 Uppsala
Phone:  + 46-18-67 10 00+ 46-18-67 10 00
Fax: +46-18-67 35 45
E-mail: CRU 

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