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Welcome to EPOK

Välkommen till EPOK
EPOK – Centre for Organic Food and Farming at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) works with collaboration, coordination and information on organic agriculture research in a Swedish, Nordic and international perspective. EPOK is a resource for the entire SLU for communications with the outside world and to coordinate and initiate research and education.

Staff at EPOK

Maria Wivstad

+46(0)70-6771409 (mobile)

Karin Ullvén
Communications officer
+46(0)70-6561696 (mobile)

Eva Salomon
Project assistant
+46(0)10-516 6961

News from EPOK

2015-07-07 -  Intercropping – a means to enhance yields in organic farming
In a recently published scientific article, results from 22 European organic field trials are analysed. The researchers demonstrate the advantages of within-crop diversification for intensified and more...
2015-02-05 -  New report on organic food and health
Is organic food healthier than conventional? Research does not provide a clear answer, according to the report that EPOK is launching.
2015-02-04 -  Why do (don’t) we buy organic food
The organic food market, in Sweden and elsewhere, is expanding, and for the future market development it is important to better understand consumers’ motives for buying organic products, and the barriers...
2014-08-15 -  Bachelor thesis on organic chicken production
Although there is a high demand for organic chicken, the production increases very slowly. Sofia Wilhelmsson, SLU, has written a thesis that can provide some answers to why.
2014-07-01 -  Feed production is the key to climate impact of dairy cows
Dairy cows have been an important engine in Swedish agriculture, but currently the cows receive criticism for their contribution to global warming. But their unique abilities to convert pasture plants...
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Research Agenda for Organic Agriculture

Research AgendaDownload the current Research Agenda for Organic Agriculture 2013


NORD Nordic Organic Research & Development

Download the latest issue of "NORD – Nordic Organic Research & Development". A magazine from EPOK. 


Research on Organic Farming

Swedish research on organic food and farming 2008–2015Download the compilation Swedish Research on Organic Farming from the Publications page


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