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Welcome to EPOK

Välkommen till EPOK
EPOK – Centre for Organic Food and Farming at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) works with collaboration, coordination and information on organic agriculture research in a Swedish, Nordic and international perspective. EPOK is a resource for the entire SLU for communications with the outside world and to coordinate and initiate research and education.

Staff at EPOK

Maria Wivstad

+46(0)70-6771409 (mobile)

Karin Ullvén
Communications officer
+46(0)70-6561696 (mobile)

Pelle Fredriksson
Communications officer
+46(0)70-6352086 (mobile)

News from EPOK

2013-04-10 -  Natural biological control benefits from complex landscapes
The intensity of the crop rotation had less impact on aphid enemies than the complexity of the landscape. The natural enemies of aphids benefit probably more of environments with fewer annual disturbances...
2013-04-09 -  Yearly meeting with researcher network for legumes
Legumes for Sustainable Agriculture (LegSA) is the name of a network aiming to increase cooperation and communication between SLU researchers interested in legumes and to make research on legumes at SLU...
2013-04-09 -  Silage additives improve the protein quality
Silage additives enable better protein utilization from the forage and thereby reduces the need for concentrates in the feeding plans. A large proportion of the dairy cattle protein requirements can be...
2013-04-05 -  Swedish Environmental Protection Agency invests in research on ecosystem services
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency announces funding for research projects on “the value of ecosystem services” comprising approximately 2–5 million SEK per project spread over 2–3 years. Since several...
2013-03-26 -  Environmentally smart to use ley harvest to both feed and biogas – if there is use for the biogas
In order to decrease the import of protein feed in the dairy industry, there has been a project at SLU examining a scenario where high-quality forage is used as an important ingredient in the feeding plans....
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