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A cross-disciplinary research platform

Future Agriculture is a strategic cross-disciplinary research platform in which researchers, together with the agricultural sector, authorities and nongovernmental organizations, develop research to address the sustainable use of natural resources with emphasis on agricultural production, including farm animals, and land use.


News from us

2016-04-22 -  Application process for admission to FA:s PhD course has now opened!
Future Agriculture invites PhD students to apply for the course Interdisciplinary research in practice: exploring future agriculture and land use that will be held in autumn 2016.
2016-03-15 -  If farm animals only graze pastures and eat by-products – does this give us a sustainable diet?
What shall we eat in the future? Current consumption patterns are not sustainable and we need to change both what we eat and how we produce our food. The western diet contains a considerable amount of...
2015-09-07 -  Future Agriculture has a new Program Director
Lars Andersson has now started his position as new program director for Future Agriculture. He is Professor and Senior Lecturer/Extension Specialist in Crop Production Science with a focus on weeds.
2015-09-03 -  New Scientific Officer
Welcome, Katja
2015-04-17 -  UN Sustainable Development Goals - what can SLU do to help achieving them?
On April 17, Future Agriculture invited Alan AtKisson to present the coming UN Sustainable Development Goals, and to discuss what SLU can do to help achieving them. Alan AtKisson has been working with...
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