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Welcome to Future Agriculture - livestock, crops and land use

Future Agriculture is a strategic multidisciplinary research platform in which researchers, together with the agricultural sector, authorities and nongovernmental organizations, develop research to address the sustainable use of natural resources with emphasis on agricultural production, including farm animals, and land use.



2014-04-17 -  Invitation to PhD students and young researchers at SLU
Future Agriculture invites PhD students and young researchers at SLU to apply for a travel and conference grant to present and discuss their research at the 2014 Bertebos conference "New ruralities". Last...
2013-11-15 -  Young Researchers' Forum is discontinued
Young Researchers' Forum within the Future Agriculture programme is discontinued. Its aim was to encourage young researchers to work outside their own disciplinary boundaries.
2013-10-17 -  A conference on agriculture in a warmer world
Climate change has already resulted in quite large effects on the weather and the growing season, both globally and in Sweden. That was made clear by both key note speakers at the conference “Agriculture...
2013-09-27 -  Future Agriculture participated in the Agri4D conference
On 25-26 September Future Agriculture participated in the Agri4D conference "Agricultural Research Towards Sustainable Development Goals" as one of the arranging partners.
2013-09-18 -  Banker fights poverty and climate change
Sasja Beslik is an unusual banker and Nordea is an unusual bank. At least that is what Sasja Beslik himself said about Nordea´s work in responsible investments at a seminar at SLU 18 September. He challenged...

Publications and printed matter

Under the heading Publications you will find reports and leaflets made by Future Agriculture. Report: Five scenarios for 2015 – Conditions for Agriculture and Land Use

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Download Five Scenarios for 2050 – Conditions for Agriculture and Land Use

Movies & presentations

Can we live within the doughnutUnder the heading Movies are movies and presentations from the seminars we offer. The latest movie is from the lunch seminar May 22, 2014, Can we live within the doughnut. With Kate Raworth, Senior visiting research associate at Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute.

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