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News from Future Forests

Forests have many possible uses and hence conflicts. A priority is to find sustainable management models that can help to manage or resolve them. Only then can conflicts help to develop society.

Forest conflicts – drivers for change?

Competition for natural resources is toughening – and so the conflicts increase. Forests have many possible uses, and the conflicts often involve land rights, preservation, degradation of forests, and access to forest resources. In a special edition of the research journal, Forest Policy and Economics, Future Forests researchers have contributed on the theme of forest conflicts.

News from Future Forests

What Science Can Tell Us: Forest Bioenergy for Europe

Valuable insights about Bioenergy, further directions and the avoidance of unwanted detours regarding the environment and economy. All this presented in the new report “Forest Bioenergy for Europe” the result of collaboration between 12 countries. Read more and download the report  

Resilience thinking – useful for forest management?

Interest in resilience thinking in the context of forestry is growing. Eventually practical tools will be available and resilience ideas put into practice in forest management. Read more

Actively managed forests have the greatest climate change mitigation benefit

In the long run, the forest will benefit climate change mitigation more if active silviculture methods are practiced and forest products are used to replace fossil energy and energy-consuming construction materials. These results were recently published in the journal Forests. However, the forest has the potential to influence climate change mitigation even more Read more

What is Future Forests?

Future Forests is a research program initiated by Mistra, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is host and  the program is a joint initiative between SLU, Umeå University och Skogforsk.

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