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News from Future Forests

Forests have many possible uses and hence conflicts. A priority is to find sustainable management models that can help to manage or resolve them. Only then can conflicts help to develop society.

Articles from Future Forests attracting attention

A recently published article about the resilience of global productions systems by Rist et al has been awarded an F1000-recommendation. The Faculty of 1000 is a panel of senior scientists and leading experts in biology and medicine. Recommendations are given regarding the most important current articles in their respective fields.

Recommending the paper, Prof Bennett says “This paper is important in that it expands resilience thinking to production systems and brings a new understanding to how people and ecosystems interact to produce multiple ecosystem services.”

News from Future Forests

Meet us at IUFRO

Future Forests researchers and senior management group will be represented at IUFRO. Come see us in our booth, listen to our talks and look at our posters.

IUFRO Session on Climate Change and Forests Management

One of Future Forests political scientists, Professor Carina Keskitalo at Umeå University, is one of the organizers of a session on climate change and forests management. Read the Spotlight article.

Forest conflicts - drivers for change?

Competition for natural resources is toughening – and so the conflicts increase.  In a special edition of the research journal, Forest Policy and Economics, Future Forests researchers have contributed on the theme of forest conflicts. Read more about the special edition and forest conflicts here

Resilience thinking – useful for forest management?

Interest in resilience thinking in the context of forestry is growing. Eventually practical tools will be available and resilience ideas put into practice in forest management. Read more

What is Future Forests?

Future Forests is a research program initiated by Mistra, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is host and  the program is a joint initiative between SLU, Umeå University och Skogforsk.

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