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Nature interpretation can be defined as developing knowledge and feelings regarding nature and the cultural landscape.

Nature interpreters are active at places such as government authorities, visitor centers, museums, protected areas, companies, nature schools and non-profit organisations.

Nature interpreters in Sweden can be said to constitute a diverse
group but with a similar ideology. The connection between nature interpretation
and environmental involvement is difficult to prove, but many nature interpreters
feel intuitively that the connection exists. More evaluation is needed before that
issue can be addressed.

There are several neighbouring areas to nature interpretation
and many different methods are used depending on the context. Nature
interpretation has come to Sweden to stay, and there are many questions for the
future. SCNI will work to develop methods of value for nature interpreters. At the
same time there is a need for more research concerning some of the remaining
questions. The status of nature interpretation needs to be improved and, as
examples from Denmark and the USA show, there are many ways to achieve this.

Important authorities and organisations:

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency initiated SCNI and is a national authority aiming to implement national objectives.

The County Administrative Boards are regulatory authorities and among many other things they work with nature reserves. They also often administrate economic support. There are 21 County Administration Boards all around Sweden.

The Swedish Outdoor Organisation  organises activities and coordinates many leasure and  recreation groups in Sweden.  

Policy for outdoor life

National measurable aims for future outdoor life are being developed.

LONA - an investment in local nature protection   

Municipalities in Sweden can receive economic funding called LONA from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The aim of the funding is to stimulate nature protection activities on a local level, based on local commitment.

The first evaluationperiod, 2004-2006, showed that many of the projects had clear connections to nature interpretation. The LONA-programme is still active.   

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