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Head of programme
Jonas Fridman
+46 (0)90-786 8473


Head of analysis unit
Per Nilsson
+46 (0)90-786 8472

Head of field unit

Mats Walheim
+46 (0)90-786 8430



Karl-Erik Grundberg
+46 (0)90-786 8356

Long term forecasts
Anders Lundström
+46 (0)90-786 8323




Staff at the Swedish National Forest Inventory

Name Position Telephone
Åkesson, Hans Systems Engineer 090-7868342
Alger, David Systems Engineer 090-7868207
Asplund, Mikaela Coordinator 090-7868321
Bergstedt, Johan Team Leader
Borin, Ola Team Leader
Callmer, Stefan Team Leader
Cory, Neil Analyst 090-7868226
Dahlgren, Jonas Analyst 090-7868293
Dahlström, Göran Auxiliary Research Assistant
Davidsson, Lars Team Leader
Engberg Hydén, Christofer Auxiliary Research Assistant
Eriksson, Joakim Field Assistant 090-7868259
Fridman, Jonas Research Group Leader 090-7868473
Grundberg, Karl-Erik Systems Engineer 090-7868356
Hansson, Bo Team Leader
Hansson, Jesper Auxiliary Research Assistant
Holmlund, Mikael Systems Engineer 090-7868482
Ivarsson, Lennart Team Leader
Jansson, Carl Auxiliary Research Assistant
Johansson, Daniel Auxiliary Research Assistant
Jonasson, Mats Team Leader
Karlsson, Bo Auxiliary Research Assistant
Kempe, Göran Experiment Group Leader 090-7868298
Larsson, Otto Auxiliary Research Assistant
Lindström, Magnus Team Leader
Lundström, Anders Research Group Leader 090-7868323
Nilsson, Per Project Leader 090-7868472
Norman, Patrik Systems Developer 090-7868557
Olsson, Bo-Gunnar Technician 090-7868334
Pålsson, Anders Technician 090-7868350
Persson, Daniel Auxiliary Research Assistant
Rasmusson, Mikael Auxiliary Research Assistant
Salo, Henrik Team Leader
Sjöström, Anders Research Engineer 090-7868351
Svensson, Bernt Team Leader
Vesterlund, Jonas Team Leader
Walheim, Mats Project Leader 090-7868430
Westerlund, Bertil Experiment Group Leader 090-7868412
Wikberg, Per-Erik Analyst 090-7868303
Wulff, Sören Analyst 090-7868352


Skogsdata - annual publication with official statistics about the Swedish forests

Forest statistics - Forest statistics archive including the official statistics

TaxWebb - an interactive webb service for queries and data tabulation from the Swedish National Forest Inventory (in Swedish).



    Head of Program

    Jonas Fridman
    0046 (0)90 786 8473


The Swedish National Forest Inventory is part of the Forest programme within SLU's environmental monitoring and assessment.

SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, has its main locations in Alnarp, Uppsala and Umeå.
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