Historical data from National Forest Inventory (NFI)


The Swedish NFI has collected data on the nation's forests since the 1920s. Our project makes older data available by transforming it from paper forms to digital format. We also work with analysis and harmonization of long time series to make the results easier to access.

The work is financed by the Swedish Research Council, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Formas, the Kempe foundations, Nordic Forest Research Co-operation Committee, the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry and the Swedish Public Employment Service.

The project is a part of the Forest programme within the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment at SLU.


Proportion of forest
>160 years

Research infrastructure


Harmonisation - compare data from different times


We work with data input and quality controls of the historical data in order to present national analysis. Read more 

Current projects

Research database - long time series made available with support from the Swedish Research Council

Forest History web – Changes in Swedish forests brought to life through historic maps and long time series

Nordic network – cooperation around input and analysis of long national forest data series

Historical landscape modelmodern information, older maps and historical NFI data combined in a pilot project

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