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Michal Zmihorski

Published: 26 August 2016
Michal Zmihorski
Msc (2006), Warsaw University, Poland; PhD (2010), Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland


problems: biodiversity in farmland, disturbances in forest, foraging ecology of raptors
taxons: birds, ants, crickets, butterflies
tools: statistics, data visualization, methodology of sampling, monitoring

Selected publications

some of the most recent papers:

Krauze-Gryz D, Żmihorski M, Gryz J (2016) Annual variation in prey composition of domestic cats in rural and suburban environment. Urban Ecosystems (in press)

Żmihorski M, Ławicki Ł, Marchowski D, Wylegała P, Pärt T (2016) Spatial variation in long-term trends in a metapopulation of the globally threatened Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola in Poland. Acta Orntihologica 51, 245-256

Żmihorski M, Berg Å, Pärt T (2016) Forest clear-cuts as additional habitat for breeding farmland birds in crisis. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 233, 291-297

Nobis A, Żmihorski M, Kotowska D. 2016. Linking the diversity of native flora to land cover heterogeneity and plant invasions in a river valley. Biological Conservation 203:17-24

Berg Å, Bergman KO, Wissman J, Żmihorski M, Öckinger E. 2016. Power-line corridors as source habitat for butterflies in forest landscapes. Biological Conservation 201, 320-326

Yosef R, Zduniak P, Żmihorski M (2016) Invasive ring-necked parakeet negatively affects indigenous Eurasian hoopoe. Annales Zoologici Fennici 53, 281–287

Rosin ZM, Skórka P, Pärt T, Żmihorski M, Ekner-Grzyb A, Kwieciński Z, Tryjanowski P 2016. Villages and their old farmsteads are hot-spots of bird diversity in agricultural landscapes. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Żmihorski M, Kotowska D, Berg Å, Pärt T (2016) Evaluating conservation tools in Polish grasslands: the occurrence of birds in relation to agri-environment schemes and Natura 2000 area. Biological Conservation 194, 150-157

Żmihorski M, Pärt T, Gustafson T, Berg Å (2016) Effects of water level and grassland management on alpha and beta diversity of birds in restored wetlands. Journal of Applied Ecology 53, 587-595

Żmihorski M, Ślipiński P (2016) The importance of diurnal and nocturnal activity and interspecific interactions for space use by ants in clear-cuts. Ecological Entomology 41, 276-283

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Researcher at the Department of Ecology; Landscape Ecology Unit
Telephone: 018-672229
Postal address:
Inst för Ekologi, Box 7044
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls Väg 16, Uppsala