Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Department of Animal Nutrition and Management

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Joint ventures

The research within The Reindeer Husbandry Unit includes both natural and social science aspects of the reindeer industry, and is carried out in collaboration with several other departments at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and other universities within and outside Sweden. Collaboration partners in the industry are The National Union of Swedish Sami People (SSR), individual reindeer herding communities and authorities working with reindeer industry issues.

Lincs to important collaboration partners and contacts:

Uppsala network for Sami related research, UppSam (in Swedish)

 - Dept. of Ecology
 - Dept. of Forest Resource Management
 - Dept. of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental studies


Mid Sweden University
UmU - Umeå University
UiTø - University of Tromsø, Norway
        Centre for Samí Studies - University of Tromsø, Norway
UiO - University of Oslo, Norway
UMB - Norwegian University of Life Sciences
University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland 

Ajtte - The Swedish Mountain and Samí Museum
ETOUR - The European Tourism Research Institute, Sweden
FOI – Swedish Defence Research Agency
SkogForsk - The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden
NINA – Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
RKTL – Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute
MTT - Agrifood Research, Finland

Samí Parliament
SSR - The National Union of the Swedish Sami People
Reindriftsforvaltningen - Norway
Reindeer Herders' Association - Finland

The Swedish Board of Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Affairs
County Administrative Boards
     - Norrbotten  
     - Västerbotten
     - Jämtland



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