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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Post graduate education

To the internal webpage about postgraduate education

Post graduate education is given within the subject areas environmental science, soil science and ecology. Currently there are 19 PhD students at the department. So far 28 doctors and 6 licentiates have graduated from the department.

If you are interested in doing a PhD at the department. please have a look at the current research projects. Individual PhD projects are initiated when grants and supervisiors become available. All PhD student positions are announced centrally at SLU and proposals with their corresponding reference number has to be sent to the Registrar.

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To be able to complete a PhD, basic and subject courses at a minimum of 45 HEC (higher education credits) are needed. Search for PhD courses at:

Mandatory courses

Two courses are manatory at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment:

  • Written individual literature review, 7.5 HEC, i.e. 5 weeks. The course is taken during the first year and have two parts: one part is a written literature review about your research topic, the other part is a presentation of this review at a department seminar. This course is meant to give you a knowledge base of your research area. Discuss with your supervisor the focus of the review and useful search strings. Plan two weeks of literature searching and reading, three weeks of writing and preparing PowerPoints and the 30-35 min seminar.
  • Environmental assessment literature course, 7.5 HEC. This course is designed as a Journal Club for a group of PhD students organized by the professors at the department. It is usually given every second year. The next course is planned to be given in the begining of 2013.

Recommended courses

  • The department is annually giving a popular course in Multivariate methods, attracting students from all Nordic countries. During this course you will be able to analyse your own data.
  • Teaching in higher education, basic course. Especially for those of you that will teach during your time as a graduate student.
  • "How to write and publish a scientific paper" - course. Use the search string at to find out about next course. Also organized by some of the research schools at SLU.
  • One day information about post graduate studies at SLU, arranged at least once per semester. E-mail director of PhD studies Pär Forslund at the NL faculty for dates and to join NL-graduate student mailing list.

Research schools

Available research schools at SLU are found at: The PhD students at the department are most often involved in the research school "Focus on soils and waters" and "Ecology - its basics and applications"

Grants, fellowships etc.

SLUs list of grants, fellowships and scholarships can be found at SLUs list of grants, fellowships and scholarships

The department have grants available for enrolled PhD students called Doktorandmedel: You can apply for Doktorandmedel for research related purposes; literature, software, course fees, small field or lab studies, travels within the Nordic countries etc. Doktorandmedel can only be used for activities/purchases that cannot be covered by already existing grants. Grants to be used during spring and summer have deadline March 15th and grants to be used during autumn and winter October 15th. 50 000 SEK are available. The proposal should have clear descriptions of objectives, cost and reason for the appication. Proposal is sent by e-mail to Brendan.


Other information

Contact information:

Brendan McKie is the Directior of studies for post graduate studies


  • Department seminars Every second Wednesday at 1pm. Check the calendar.
  • Journal Club. Organized by Brendan McKie.

Useful links:

General PhD education information at SLU, for information about starting phase, study plan, half time checkup, rules, checklists for dissertation etc. When faculty specific, please use Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences!

The Guide to the Galaxy of Science - For postgraduate students at the Department of Ecology, contains a lot of useful information!

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