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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Department of Economics

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Erasmus Mundus Master program in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis

The Department of Economics is one of the partners in the Erasmus Mundus Master program European Master in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis (AFEPA). The program is a collaboration between five European Institutes and financed by the EU commission.

General issues

The official webpage of the programme will provide information on general issues, such as application, deadlines, pre-requisites and academic program at the partner institutions. You can find it at the AFEPA page of the coordinating institute: Université Catholique de Louvain. Below you will find information about the courses at SLU.

Courses offered

Within the Erasmus Mundus Program AFEPA the department of Economics at SLU offers courses in Economics and in Business Administration. All courses are on advanced level except NA0151.

All courses offered in the program at SLU, Department of Economics:

Code Subject Course ECTS Semester Period
FÖ0271 BA/EC Quantitative Finance - Theory and Applications 15 1 1
FÖ0304 BA Cooperatives and other Agri-Food systems 15 2 3
FÖ0307 BA Environmental and Social Responsibilty Marketing 15 1 1
FÖ0310 BA Financial Accounting 10 2 4
FÖ0328 BA Strategic Management 15 1 2
FÖ0331 BA/EC Production Economics 15 1 2
NA0116 EC International Food System Analysis 7,5 1 1
NA0125 EC Analytical Methods 7,5 1 1
NA0126 EC Applied Supply and Demand Analysis 7,5 2 4
NA0127 EC Econometrics 7,5 2 3
NA0130 EC Environmental Policy 7,5 2 4
NA0135 EC Microeconomic Theory 7,5 1 1
NA0138 EC Policy Evaluation 7,5 1 2
NA0139 EC Probability Theory and Statistical Inference 7,5 2 3
NA0140 EC Topics in Microeconomic Theory 7,5 1 2
NA0142 EC Time Series Analysis 7,5 2 3
NA0151 EC Agricultural Policy and International Trade 15 2 3
EX0537 EC Independent Project/ Degree Project in Economics 30 2 3+4

 Notes: At SLU each year is divided into four periods and for each period a full time course will give 15 ECTS. When a course is of 7,5 ECTS the student shall choose two courses. Marked as gray are courses that make out part of the obligatory courses. A course code starting with FÖ is a course in Business Administration (BA), marked with NA is a course in Economics (EC), and EX is an independent project. Two courses count as advanced courses in both Business administration and in Economics: FÖ0271 and FÖ0331.

Practical Matters


Contact person at the department of Economics, SLU: Kristina Hedman Jansson 

Application and admission

 The application to the program is made through the coordinating institute Université Catholique de Louvain .


The closest international airport is Stockholm Arlanda. There are trains leaving from Arlanda to Uppsala more or less every half hour. Find out more here

Travel visa – residence permit

Non EU-citizens need a Visa or a Student residence permit (Schengen visa/residence permit allows for travelling in the EU).


 SLU will assist incoming students in finding a room. For more information on living costs please visit the “Study in Sweden” website .

More information

Incoming exchange students to SLU are recommended to visit the international student site. For more general information about studying in Sweden including all practical details on visa etc., please visit the website: , and continue to the information on “Living in Sweden”. You can also find out more by visiting the Student web of SLU.


AFEPA agricultural, food and environmental policy analysis

A two year Master Programme in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis

This is the only programme in Europe that focuses on policy analysis in Agriculture, Food and Envi- ronment. During two years of advanced studies economics and policy issues are covered and the students attend courses at at least two of the participating universities. After the degree the student can work in international organizations, for governments or in the private sector with policy design and analysis.

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship covers tuition fees and monthly allowance. There are 8 Erasmus Mundus scholarshipsavailable for EU citizens and 12 scholarships for non-EU citizens. Deadline for application is mid-December each year.

The five partner universities are Université Catholoique de Louvain (Belgium), Rheinische-Friedrich- Wilhelms Universität (Germany), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden), Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary) and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain). Find more information at the official homepage of the programme.


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