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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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The company that produces Peepoo on the 33 list

The sanitation technology in the Peepoo toilet is developed by researchers Björn Vinnerås and Annika Nordin at the Department of Energy and Technology. The company that produces the toilets has now appeared on the 33 list, compiled by magazines Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden. The 33 list is a list of companies that can be future winners.

Stockholmbased company Peepoople is starting mass production of the Peepoo. This is the reason that the company ended up on the 33 list out of 250 nominees. This autumn, the company will produce half a million Peepoos a day.

The Peepoo was first tested in Nairobi, Kenya. The toilet consists of two bags and includes urea. Urea is used for sanitation of the fecal.  After using the Peepoo sanitation starts immediately. The outer bag keeps the fecal free from odour for 24 hours.The toilets are not broken down until the sanitation has finished.

The Peepoo has since been tested in many places, Haiti after the earthquake, among others. But like most other products, the Peepoo must be both cheap and profitable to manufacture.

- The Peepoo solves three problems at the same time: tha sanitary issue, the ground water is not infected, and as it can be used as manure, it contributes to new food, according to researcher Björn Vinnerås.

Further reading

Read more in Miljötrender, Ny teknik, Affärsvärlden (articles in Swedish only), and on the Environmental Engineering website.

Here you can see and read more about the 33 list and the companies. (in Swedish only)

Contact information

For more information, please contact Björn Vinnerås or Annika Nordin.

Published by: Ulrika Hurtig

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