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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Johanna Boberg

Current projects

  • Setting the strategy to detect and react against invasive forest pathogens in Sweden.  A project funded by Formas.
  • The effect of a changing climate on the geographical distribution of fungal pathogens. Funded by Future Forests.
  • Fungal communities of Scots pine needles – using 454-sequencing to assess the effect of salt and wind exposure and climatic shifts in Europe. The projects are funded by the EU-project BACCARA and Future Forests.

Other research collaborations

  • Preventive and restorative measures to reduce damage on forests -Phytophthora diseases in focus. A Nordic-baltic collaborative project funded by the Nordic Forest Research Co-operation Committee (SNS)
  • Using patterns of annual tree ring growth to reconstruct the spatial and temporal dynamics of historic epidemics of G. abietina. The project is managed by Elna Stenström and funded from Carl Tryggers Stiftelse för Vetenskaplig Forskning.
  • Communities of foliar pathogenic and endophytic fungi in relation to tree species diversities. PhD-project by Diem Nguyen funded by the EU-project FunDivEurope.
  • Monitoring of endophytic and pathogenic fungi in Scots pine needles. PhD-project by Hanna Millberg funded by BACCARA and Future Forests.


Publications in peer reviewed journals

Millberg H, Boberg J, Stenlid J. 2015. Changes in fungal community of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) needles along a latitudinal gradient in Sweden. Fungal Ecology 17: 126-139

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Boberg JB, Ihrmark K, Lindahl BD. 2011. Decomposing capacity of fungi commonly detected in Pinus sylvestris needle litter. Fungal Ecology 4:110-114. On line

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Book chapters

Oliva J, Boberg J, Hopkins A and Stenlid J. 2013. Concepts of Epidemiology of Forest Diseases. In: Paolo Gonthier (Ed) Infectious forest diseases. CABI International. UK

Lindahl, B. & Boberg, J., 2008. Distribution and function of litter basidiomycetes in coniferous forests. In: Lynne B, Frankland JC, Van West P. (Eds) Ecology of Saprotrophic Basidiomycetes. British Mycological Society Symposia Series. Chapter 10. Elsevier. UK. On line


Hopkins, A.J.M., Boberg, J.B., 2012. Risk assessment and establishment of a system to adress potential pathogens in Nordic and Baltic forestry as a result of climate change. SNS Research Project Report within the Selfoss declaration on sustainable forestry,

Boberg, J. 2012. Simulering av potentiell etablering av skadesvampar i svensk skog. Bilaga 6 till rapport 2012:10 Vässa växtskyddet för framtidens klimat -Hur vi förebygger och hanterar ökade problem i ett förändrat klimat. Jordbruksverket.


Boberg J. 2009. Litter Decomposing Fungi in Boreal Forests- Their Function in Carbon and Nitrogen Circulation. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, Doctoral Thesis No 2009:75, Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, SLU, Uppsala. On line.

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Boberg J. & Dyberg Å. 2002. The Effect of Fertiliser Regimes on Mycorrhizal Colonisation of Mangosteen Growing on an Acid Sulphate Soil in Southern Vietnam. MSc Thesis. Minor field study. Department of Soil Sciences & Department of Forest Mycology and Pathology, SLU


Popular science articles in Swedish

Skadegörarna utmanar skogen. Future Forest Syntes 2014. Boberg J, Klapwijk M, Stenlid J, Björkman C.

Ekologiska risker med exotiska trädslag. Fakta Skog 12. 2013. Björkman C, Felton A, Boberg J, Widenfalk O.

- Tallbarrens svampkarta ritas om. Millberg H. Boberg J. och Stenlid J.
- Bättre koll på luftens svampar med sporfällor. Boberg J. Hopkins A. Oliva J. och Stenlid J.
- Modellering av risker för nya arter i ett förändrat klimat. Boberg J. och Stenlid J.
- Invasiva arter i en föränderlig värld. Klapwijk M. Ammunét T. Boberg J. och Oliva J.
- Ekologiska risker med nya trädslag. Björkman C. Felton A. Boberg J. och Widenfalk O.

I Svampar och insekter, Rapport från Future Forests 2009-2012, Eds: Björkman C and Stenlid J. Future Forests Report series 2013:5



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Johanna Boberg


  Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology
      Division of Forest Pathology

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