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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Mårten Lind

Welcome. This is Mårten Linds homepage.

I am a molecular biologist/geneticist with a special interest in fungal genomics and forest pathology. I have been at SLU since 1995 and at the department since 2001.

I’m currently working as a post-doc in the project “Understanding and preventing root rot of conifers”, which is funded by SSF and run by Jan Stenlid, Sara von Arnold and Bo Karlsson. I am studying the causal agent of root rot infections, Heterobasidion annosum, and try to identify candidate pathogenicity genes. This is done by combining a global transcriptome analysis, i.e investigating genes up-regulated during bark infection, with a genomic approach, i.e identifying QTLs for pathogenicity in a full-genome linkage map. Genes both expressed during infection and present within a pathogenicity QTL are considered strong candidates and probably plays an important part in the infection mechanism.

A linkage map this complete has a huge potential in the study of any measureable trait of the fungus and several other ongoing and finished projects have taken advantage of this. Traits such as growth rate, fungicide resistance and several types of intraspecific interactions have been attributed to QTLs across the genome, which can be investigated for candidates.

The first version of the linkage map and some early applications of it was the subject of my PhD-thesis which I defended at the department in November 2006.

Other ongoing projects include the role of the mitochondria during Heterobasidion infection, Heterobasidion tolerance towards several fungicides possibly being controlled by a single general genetic factor and the karyotyping of Heterobasidion chromosomes using pulse-field gel electrophoresis.

Doctoral Thesis

Lind, M. 2006. Genetics of Virulence and Intraspecific Interactions in Heterobasidion annosum s.l., Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


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Relevant articles in prep

Lind, M, Källman, T, Chen, J, Bousquet, J, Morgante, M, Zaina, G, Karlsson, B, Elfstrand, M, Lascoux, M and Stenlid, J. A saturated Picea abies linkage map based on SNP markers identifying QTLs for three traits of resistance to Heterobasidion parviporum infection. Submitted to PLoS ONE May 2014

Lind, M, Dalman, K, Brandström-Durling, M, Stenlid, J. A genome-wide association study identifies genomic regions for virulence in Heterobasidion parviporum. In prep.


Contact details

Mårten Lind


  Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology
      Division of Forest Pathology

Telephone:   018-671806


Postal address: 
Skoglig mykologi och växtpatologi , Box 7026
750 07 UPPSALA

Visiting address: 
Almas Allé 5, Uppsala

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