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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Global Change

Microorganisms are key players in biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nutrients.

Processes related to both soil carbon sequestration and release are generally mediated by fungi and bacteria. In the future, microbial communities and activities may change due to an altered environment and shifting vegetation zones. This could result in altered carbon balance and feedback to global climate change.

Landscape from northern Sweden (photo by Karina Clemmensen).

We are currently focusing on boreal and subarctic forest ecosystems using field-based manipulation experiments and natural gradients complemented by laboratory-based microcosm experiments. In on-going studies of plant-fungal exudation, microbial community composition and carbon and nitrogen cycling we use a combination of stable isotope probing, enzyme assays, 14C modelling, quantitative PCR and high-throughput pyrosequencing.


We are working with Global change projects:

Inga Bödeker
Karina Clemmensen
Roger Finlay
Petra Fransson
Björn Lindahl
Salme Timmusk
Juan Santos
Erica Sterkenburg



Contact: Juan Santos, Roger Finlay  

Competition between the mycorrhizal and saprotrophic fungal communities of boreal forest soils
Contact: Erica Sterkenburg, Björn Lindahl

Elevated CO2 and soil carbon fluxes mediated by the mycorrhizal symbiosis
Contact: Petra Fransson

Elevated nitrogen inputs – their impact on microbe-mineral-plant interactions and nutrients mobilisation
Contact: Shahid Mahmood, Catarina Martins, Jim Prosser, Roger Finlay 

Fungal peroxidases involved in the degradation of recalcitrant organic matter in boreal forest ecosystems
Contact: Inga Bödeker, Björn Lindahl

Fungal successions in a long-term boreal forest chronosequence
Contact: Karina Clemmensen

Stress tolerance in plants - the role of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate deaminase containing rhizobacteria
Contact: Salme Timmusk 

Transcriptomics of ectomycorrhizal fungi under elevated CO2.
Contact:  Elizabeth Bent

Tree-fungi-soil interactions in the subarctic-alpine forest-heath ecotone
Contact: Karina Clemmensen 

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