Department meetings 2015-2016

Last changed: 21 February 2013

The department meeting starts at 15.00 with general information. Presentation starts at 15.30.

Date Time Speaker Title Venue
September 11  9.30 am Professor Evan Siemann, Rice University, Houston, USA Aboveground-belowground interactions impact tallow tree invasions via ecological and evolutionary mechanisms  


October 14 3.00 pm Dr. Hany Dweck, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany
Functional screen for novel natural ligands reveals a role for the maxillary palp in odor guided behavior in Drosophila Myllan
November 4 3.00 pm Marit Solum, Chemical ecology, half-time seminar Mediation of reproductive behavior in Drosophila melanogaster
Crafoordsalen (Navet)
December 2 3.00 pm Tibebe Dejene, Chemical ecology, half-time seminar Integrated tephritid fruit fly pest management strategies: Focus on the males, target the females.
Crafoordsalen (Navet)
January 14 3.00 pm Dr. Rieta Gols, Wageningen University, Wageningen, Netherlands Glucosinolates in wild cabbage and their interaction with insects
Crafoordsalen (Navet)
February 17 3.00 pm Professor Geraldine Wright, Newcastle Univeristy, Newcastle, United Kingdom The impact of neonicotinoid pesticides on the behaviour, learning, and memory of bees. Crafoordsalen (Navet)
March 2 3.00 pm Dr. Basil el Jundi, Lund University To be announced Crafoordsalen (Navet)
April 6 3.00 pm Belén Cotes Ramal & Paul Egan, Integrated plant protection Plant-herbivore-pollinator inteactions Crafoordsalen (Navet)
May 4 3.00 pm Dr. Sarah Arnold, Natural Resources Institute, Greenwich, United Kingdom To be announced
June 1 3.00 pm To be announced  


Organizers 2015-2016: Laura Grenville-Briggs and Stefanie Blankenburg