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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Department of Soil and Environment

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

PhD training in Soil Science

The department of Soil and Environment offers PhD training in Soil Science. A PhD program is four years (240 hp) of which the major part (195 hp) consist of individual research and writing of a PhD thesis. To be eligible for a PhD training in Soil Science an MSc (or a magister) in Soil Science is required. PhD candidate positions are advertised at SLUs page for vacant positions.

In order to enhance the quality in graduate education the department is a joint organizer of  the graduate school Focus on Soils and Water in collaboration with other departments at SLU.

More information on post-graduate education at SLU can be found on both the external and internal web.

Application for admission

This is a description of the requirements for admission to PhD training in Soil Science and of the application process. Links to documents, instructions, templates and forms needed for the application are found in the column to the right. Rules and regulations can be found in SLUs antagningsordning (in Swedish) and in the NL faculty guidelines for postgraduate studies. Please contact the director for post-graduate studies at the department before you apply.


The general requirement for becoming a PhD student at the department of Soil and Environment is that you have a BSc in a relevant natural science discipline and at least one more year of university studies on a more advanced level like MSc. If you do not have a higher degree than BSc you also need to have completed an independent study of at least 15 hp at a higher level than BSc.

Supervision and selection

Only PhD students that can be guaranteed supervision can be accepted. Selection of applicants are made on a competative basis where the candidates capacity to succesfully complete postgraduate studies are evaluated.


According to the Swedish decree of higher education funding for the complete education (4 years effective studies) should be available and the candidate should be employed as a doctorate student. The department may also accept PhD candidates with other types of funding if it is likely that the funding can be secured for the complete education and that the applicant can use so mucjh time for the education that it can be completed within 8 years.

Feasibility of the PhD project

The board for postgraduate studies makes an assessment of the application based on PhD candidate qualifications, possibilities for supervision, quality of suggested reserach, available funds and suggested time plan.


Documents that should be submitted to the director of post-gradiuate reserach electronically includes:

  • Individual study plan (ISP)
  • Application form
  • Copy of external funding contracts.
  • CV of the applicant
  • Study records that proves that you fulfill the formal requirements and English proficiency

When making the application read and use:

  • Advice and instructions for preparing a PhD application
  • Checklist for preparing a PhD application

Application process

The application should be sent to the director of post-graduate studies for a pre-evaluation at least three weeks before the meeting of the board for postgraduate studies at the department (see calendar at the internal homepage).

The application is considered by the board for postgraduate studies and subsequently approved by the head of department.

Please note that the application has to be approved by the department before it is passed on to the faculty. It is the faculty that takes the final decision on admission.




Do you have questions about PhD training in Soil Science? Please contact our director of post-graduate studies.

Elisabet Lewan

018 - 67 26 29          

Studierektor för forskarutbildingen vid Mark och miljö Elisabet Lewan

Board of post-graduate studies



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