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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Environmental monitoring for pesticides in Sweden

The use of pesticides in agriculture can lead to the occurrence of undesirable residues in water bodies and air.  Farmers and public authorities are working intensively to reduce the environmental risks associated with pesticide use. The objective of the monitoring program for pesticides is to follow long-term changes of environmental concentrations. The data is used to evaluate effects of policy decisions and mitigation strategies and support research into the factors and processes affecting contamination of water recipients and the development of models and decision-support tools. The monitoring programs are carried out in collaboration with the Dept. of Aquatic Sciences and Asssessment at SLU and are mostly financed by the Swedish EPA.


The work is carried out within the framework of SLU’s program for Environmental monitoring and assessment (FoMa), in close co-operation with the Centre for Chemical Pesticides (CKB) at SLU.


The work is carried out within three sub-programs:

-Agricultural catchments

This program, which was initiated in 2002, includes sampling of groundwater, surface water and sediment in four small catchment areas located in important agricultural regions in southern Sweden. Surface water and sediment samples are also taken from two larger rivers in the county of Scania.

-Air and precipitation

 This program started in 2002, with sampling of precipitation at Söderåsen in north-west Scania (Vavihill). The program was extended in 2009 to include analysis of air samples at Vavihill and precipitation at Aspvreten in Södermanland, on the east coast close to Trosa.

-Regional pesticide database

Results from various regional sampling programs are stored in a database, which is continuously updated, to enable an overview of the occurrence of pesticide residues in surface water, groundwater and drinking water in Sweden.



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Staff members:

Jenny Kreuger (contact person)

Therese Nanos

Bodil Lindström

Mikaela Gönczi

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