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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Final Thesis-All you need info!

You are most welcome to write your Master thesis (30 ECTS or 60 ECTS) or Bachelor thesis (15 ECTS) at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre. Within the fields of biology and forest management, we can offer you supervision when writing your final thesis. The following list outlines the various subjects and projects in which you can do your thesis work, through the staff at our department or within a company. Obviously, you are welcome to explore your own ideas and we would be happy to discuss them, therefore helping you find the most suitable supervisor at the department.

Contacts for MSc thesis:

Eric Agestam
+46 (0) 40 41 51 92

Main contact person for MSc thesis, have to sign ALL workplans.

Miriam Sjödahl Jakobsen
+46 (0) 40 41 51 72

Responsible for all administrative duties at Department, like registration in Ladok, printing and so on.


Application for MSc thesis-STEP-BY-STEP

Before you start working with your MSc thesis – be sure you are accepted!

First step is application
For Swedish students

For international students

Then find the MSc thesis for you! (Yes it is a bit confusing as MSc thesis works is called a course, but be open-minded and accept that!). Date for register is 15/10 for the spring and 15/4 for the fall. However, it is possible to make a late application at any time during the year at the above mentioned address.

Subject; Biology or Forest Management. This is important; first will you be accepted?  and second do you like to obtain a diploma from SLU in Biology or Forest Management? Generally you need Degree of BSc and 30 credits at advanced level in the subject (Biology or Forest Management) to be accepted for MSc thesis work.

For students in “Jägmästarprogrammet”, course code for Biology EX0765 and for Forest management EX0766. Application code for different study periods below, double check that course code is correct:

Course codes:

Application code
Spring 2016

Application code
Summer 2016

Application code
Autumn 2016

Application code
Spring 2017

Master thesis in Biology EX0765





Master thesis in Forest Management EX0766






For students accepted as program students “EUROFORESTER”, course code forest management EX0279 (Biology), and EX0630 (Forest management). Application code for different semesters below, double check that course code is correct:

Course codes:

Application code
Spring 2016

Application code
Summer 2016

Application code 
Autumn 2016

Application code
Spring 2017

Master thesis in Biology EX0279





Master thesis in Forest Management EX0630






Second step is the work-plan; discuss the work with your supervisor then hand over the work-plan to Eric. If you are accepted by “university-administration” we can then register you.
Important; you must be registered before you start work with MSc thesis. Of course you can plan the work, read, discuss with potential supervisors without being registered. 



Answers to frequently asked questions?

 1) How do I start?
See instructions above!

2) When and where do I apply?
Depending on category of student it differs how to apply. 

For MSc students (EUROFORESTER) and Students at "Jägmästarprogram" see instructions above.

Student that are within an Erasmus Mundus programme (Sufonama or else) please contact International Coordinator, at Forest Faculty. You should send application code of the MSc thesis you want to do to here.

 3) Who should have the work plan when it is finished?
Eric Agestam should approve the Work plan!

4) How do I register in SLU's system Ladok? 
Eric informs Miriam that the student shall be registered at the same time as she gets a copy of the work plan.

PLEASE NOTE!! You will get registered for 1 semester, if the master thesis project takes longer time you must tell Miriam so she can re-register you. It is up to you as a student to tell here this. If you forget it you will not be able to use the studentportal and other databases because then you are officially not a student.

5) What to do if I become ill/ want to take a break or want to end?
If you get sick or need a break please inform Miriam by email, when you want to start again just send a new email to Miriam.  This is so we have control of which MSc thesis are active or not. If you want to end without completing the MSc work please send an email to Miriam so she can remove the registration from the system.

6) What if I only have time to write on half-time or can´t make it in time?
There are no specific course codes for writing thesis at half-time so you apply for thesis at full-time but you have to inform and get an okay from your supervisor and examiners that they approve you to write thesis on halt-time.
Then before the new semester you inform Miriam at our Department that you are not ready and she will re-register you for next semester as well.


Links & Documents

It is important that in good time start planning your thesis work. This site is for you as a student to easy find the correct information. Please read the instructions carefully and fill in the work plan together with your supervisor.

    - Swedish version
    - English version

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    More Links

    More info on SLU´s webpage.


    Regarding publishing/printing: Please contact Miriam Sjödahl Jakobsen 
    or ask your supervisor to do so. The Thesis work has to be finished and appoved before printing and also published electronically in the database of SLU´s library.

    Violeta Kokos will help you publish the thesis at  Epsilon, SLU´s Library´s database. So please contact here for more info. 


    We have competence within the fields of: 

    • Regeneration
    • Economics of multiple use
    • Nature conservation
    • Forest ecology
    • Pathology
    • Private forest management
    • Production
    • Recreational forestry
    • Forest history
    • Forest policy
    • Forest planning
    • Silviculture (coniferous-, mixed, deciduous- and noble forest management)
    • Tropical Forestry and Seed Laboratory
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