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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Department of Urban and Rural Development

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Klara Fischer

PhD, Researcher in Rural Development

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Areas of interest

Agriculture is high on the agenda in discussions about how to reduce poverty in Africa today. To fully understand the role of agriculture in the wider context of diverse rural livelihoods, climate change, markets and politics, an understanding of the dynamic interrelationships between the social and the natural resource dimensions is needed. It is in the study of the coupled effects of social and ecological dynamics on rural livelihoods and farming practices that my research interest lies. Particular interests are the effects of/on farming practices and rural livelihoods of GM crops; policy discourse and practice in agricultural development and relation to rural African smallholder contexts; and the effects of global initiatives for climate mitigation on rural livelihoods in Africa. I am inspired by political ecology, resilience thinking and critical discourse analysis.

Research and teaching

During my PhD, I studied the role of agriculture for rural livelihoods in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa; and how this relationship was affected by a national agricultural development programme and the introduction of genetically modified Bt maize. I defended my PhD thesis, From Betterment to Bt maize, in rural development at SLU, June 2013.

Currently teach undergraduate students in rural development and am engaged in the research project "Conservation, carbon, communities: Swedish carbon purchases through forest plantations in Uganda” together with Flora Hajdu. The project is funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR) and studies policy and practice in connection to Swedish carbon emission reduction purchases in Uganda. The carbon reductions achieved through forest plantations aim to also benefit local communities and contribute to sustainable development in Uganda.

Another project I am engaged in is:

» Emerging virus infections in the wildlife-livestock-human interface: Understanding the epidemiology and socioeconomic impact of peste des petits ruminants


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Klara Fischer


  Department or Urban and Rural Development
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