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Student blogs

Here you can find a number of SLU students blogging about their time at SLU. Whether you are contemplating to study abroad or already enrolled as a student at SLU, we hope you will find this informative and interesting!

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Agroecology - Robin

This programme emphasises the relationship between biological resources and human societies, and has an international focus.

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Animal Science - Rosan

This programme focuses on the biology, function and well-being of domestic animals. It aims to give students a deepened scientific knowledge in the discipline of animal science.

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Environmental Economics and Management - Franziska

There is a growing awareness of the responsibilities in our use and management of the natural environment. This programme is intended for economists with a focus on environmental and natural resource issues.


Landscape Architecture - Boglarka

This programme provides students with in-depth studies in the field of landscape architecture through a combination of practical training with relevant theoretical input.


Manegement of Fish and Wildlife Populations - Carl

What is the importance of fish and wildlife to society? How can we manage fish and wildlife populations in a sustainable way?

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Plant biology - Hernan

This programme is given in cooperation with other Swedish universities, and provides students with an in-depth knowledge of plants as well as applied experience.


Sustainable Development - Erik

As a student in this programme, you will gain a deeper understanding of the issues that concern sustainable development from most perspectives.

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