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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Congratulations!  You are enrolled!


Thank you for choosing to study at SLU!  It is now beginning, your life as a university student.  We will do our very best to make your time here as rewarding as possible. 

To study at SLU is to discover and learn.  We have a unique profile and are strategically engaged in some of the most important issues facing society and the green sector, both nationally and internationally.  We also have one of Sweden’s highest teacher-to-student ratios, giving you access to the best teachers, post-graduate students, researchers and professors around.  At SLU, knowledge is constantly close at hand, and you are always welcome to make contact with staff members if you have any enquiries.

Here at SLU, we are very proud of the fact that our graduates have so much success with finding employment.  To receive a degree qualification from SLU will make you very attractive on the job market and the majority of our students find relevant employment immediately after graduating.

As a student at SLU we hope that you will also join one of our student unions.  The student unions reflect the very strong student democracy at the university, and ensure that the student body is represented on all levels at the university.  Few other higher education institutions provide their students with so many opportunities to influence their own education. 

Once again, I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to SLU.  Together, we can help to shape the future for ourselves and for the rest of the world.    

Lisa Senneby-Forsse



As well as visiting your programme's webpage, as a new student at SLU we recommend you read through the following links:

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Students studying in Uppsala, please visit Destination Uppsala


ELLS Scientific Student Conference
Would you like to attend the ELLS Scientific Student Conference on the 9th and 10th November at SLU's Alnarp campus?  Please click on the following link for details: ELLS Conference.

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