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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Knowledge bank: Environment

The most recent examples of findings from SLU's environmental monitoring and assessment.

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Ann-Katrin Hallin
Editor, environment
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Nora Adelsköld
Editor, research
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Selection: Environment

2014-01-23 -  International forest issues on his agenda
Since 1987 Vietnam has made significant reforms in its institutions and towards a market economy. Among other things, state-owned land has been partitioned and allocated to individual households, which...
2013-07-19 -  Involving the public in decisions on commons
"We need to create meeting places where our common knowledge base can be increased" argues Nadarajah Sriskandarajah, or Sri as he likes to be called, Professor of Environmental Communication at SLU.
2013-04-22 -  Soothing forests cure burn-out patients
Open pine woods and heaths or woodland fringes have a soothing effect, and can help people to recover from stress-related conditions.
2013-04-19 -  Planning cities for playfulness
Increasing numbers of the world's children grow up in cities. Outdoor urban environments are therefore of growing importance for children's day-to-day mobility.
2013-04-18 -  Environmental toxins know no boundaries
After use on crops, pesticides have long moved freely between countries, carried by wind and water. This leakage is a major environmental problem. Attempts are being made to solve it by way of international...
2013-04-18 -  Getting a grip on greenhouse gases
The exchange of greenhouse gases between the earth's surface in Europe and the atmosphere has hitherto been monitored in separate projects, but a European network of monitoring stations is starting to...
2013-04-17 -  Putting children on the map
A number of Swedish municipalities are using a method called “Children's maps in GIS” to find out how children feel about and use their outdoor environment.
2013-04-17 -  Restoring forests little by little
"Caring for the environment is a way of restoring our forests while we use them," explains Lena Gustafsson, Professor of Nature Conservation Biology.
2013-04-12 -  Growing algae for fuel and feed
Algae grown in sewage and flue gases can be transformed to biogas, bioethanol, biodiesel, fertiliser or fish and animal feed.
2012-08-15 -  Plant research faster than legislation
GMO is an emotive term – genetic modification, or as its opponents call it, genetic manipulation. This creates an image of a Dr Frankenstein sitting in a laboratory creating clones at the bidding of a...

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