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Knowledge bank: Environment

The most recent examples of findings from SLU's environmental monitoring and assessment.

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Selection: Environment

2015-03-02 -  Savanna trees "harvest" rainwater
Researchers at SLU are exploding the myth that trees planted in dry regions to combat climate change always have an adverse impact on groundwater. This claim is erroneously based on data from temperate...
2015-02-27 -  Protecting wild pollinators is vital
Wild insects are at least as important as the honey bee for pollinat­ing agricultural and horticultural crops which produce seeds, fruit, berries or nuts.
2015-02-26 -  Everyone needs clean water!
Swedish municipal drinking water is considered safe to drink, but it can sometimes still contain chemical pollutants. In the project entitled SafeDrink, SLU researchers are developing methods to detect...
2015-02-26 -  The goby that came in with the ballast water
The round goby is one of the invasive species which are spreading across the Baltic Sea. Through better ballast water management, this spreading can be slowed to some extent.
2015-02-26 -  Energy crop cools the Earth
Willow cultivations can absorb so much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that it has a cooling effect on the climate. In farmland poor in organic matter, the amount of carbon stored in the topsoil can...
2015-02-25 -  From grass to biogas and fertiliser
Perennial grasses are ideal for producing biogas. In stockless, organic lowland agriculture, leys of perennial grass and legumes can also help close the nutrient cycle, reduce the use of fossil energy...
2015-02-25 -  Offshore wind power for good and bad
Sweden is a pioneer within the field of offshore wind farms and has been monitoring how such wind farms impact on marine wildlife since the very beginning. Fish often seek shelter close to the foundations...
2015-02-25 -  Arctic lakes mirror environmental changes
In the mountains of Sweden are almost 22,000 artic-alpine lakes which reflect all the changes that are taking place in nature. Professor Willem Goedkoop coordinates the project to develop a pan-arctic...
2015-02-25 -  Promoting sustainable fish stocks
At the SLU Institute of Marine Research in Lysekil, research is carried out into the status of marine ecosystems. Particular emphasis is placed on fish and shellfish and how we can manage stocks sustainably...
2014-12-22 -  In one fell swoop
It sounds too good to be true. Fly larvae chew their way through all the stinking things we want to get rid of: latrines and food waste. In exchange, they provide fodder and organic fertilisers that we...

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