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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Non-Toxic Environment

The aim of the Non-Toxic Environment Programme is to give an overall picture of Sweden's environmental status in relation to the occurrence and impact of hazardous substances that are currently the subject of environmental policy. The programme should provide data on which to base achievement of the Non-Toxic Environment environmental objective, and for action taken to ensure that environmental impacts remain within acceptable limits. A further aim is that the programme should provide expertise in the context of international conventions and the incorporation of EU directives on environmental pollutants.

Pia Larsson, programme coordinator:

The production of hazardous substances in the world is increasing. Reducing overall exposure and minimising the risks posed by hazardous substances to human beings and the environment will require thorough knowledge of the turnover of these substances in the environment, the impact they have, and sensitive indicators used to monitor developments. Our knowledge should help to achieve the objective of a Non-Toxic Environment.”

The Centre for Chemical Pesticides (CKB) at SLU is pre-eminent in Sweden when it comes to knowledge about pesticides in agriculture and forestry.

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Knowledge Bank: Non-Toxic Environment

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