Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Field Research Unit

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

FältForsk (Field Research Unit)

Field with ray. Photo: Jannie Hagman
Variety testing - field of ray in Mälardalen region. Photo: Jannie Hagman

FältForsk is a contact unit between SLU and external organisations involved in agricultural field research. The mission is to coordinate and develop field research methods for planning and reporting results as well as stimulating the use of good routines/equipment in field and in laboratories.

FältForsk conists of a small coordinating office and eight Theme Groups. It is lead by a working committee. In the SLU organization, the coordinating office of FältForsk is placed at the Department of Crop Production Ecology but with a separate budget.

The theme group chairpersons and secretaries carry out their work as part of their ordinary positions at SLU and Agricultural Societies (privately owned, regional, organisations that carry out the main part of Swedish field trials).


Anneli Lundkvist, Coordinator 018-672712, 070-3443977

Torbjörn Leuchovius, Databases 018-671825,070-6997962

Johannes Forkman, Statistician 018-671410

Theme Groups (see 'Research')

Theme Groups are open networks for those interested in the resp. group activities - which are to develop areas needing further research as well as to spread information and results belonging to the resp. theme. The groups may also in initiate project applications and help seeking funds for actvities within the group's field of interest (theme).

The group chairmen/responsibles will, as a part of their ordinary work, call together and lead meetings - at least once a year for coordinating the field trials yearly programs.

The group charimen will, to the extent possible, assist agricultural organisations and researchers in field reserach planning and methodology as well as with spreading interesting new results.

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