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FAQ dissertations - Handling of references with EndNote

When I cite an article with two authors, only one of the names are typed into the citation

When there is more than one author to an article, author names should always be entered one name per line.

I cite more than one article in the same parenthesis and they are sorted by newest one first. Can I change that?

Yes, you can change it. Do like this:
1. In EndNote, go to the menu Edit > Output styles > Edit ”SLU_Avhandling_Endnote_vX”.
2. In the window SLU_Avhandling_Endnote_vX, expande the list under Citations by clicking the plus/triangle. Click Sort Order and then the word Other…
3. Change the sort order for Year to A<->Z.
4. Save the change (Ctrl+S in Windows, Cmd+S in Mac OS).

When I insert references, each reference lands on its own page!

When you insert references in a Word file, the first reference gets the same style as the very last paragraph and the following references the same style as the first. In this case the last paragraph in your file happend to be a heading formatted with an automatic page brake. If you later put the style References to the reference paragraphs, the italics may be changed into normal text, which is not desired.

Therefore, before you insert the first reference put the style References to the last paragraph (which should be empty) in the file.

How should the references be formatted?

 In the stylesheet there is a style for references. You will find it on the SLU tab on the menu Lists. If this style is chosen for the last paragraph of the document before you insert the references, EndNote will change the formatting of the paragraphs. When all references are inserted, select them and apply the style References again. When you do this it may happen that the italics are changed into normal text. The reason is that in the first reference many of the characters are italicized. The solution is to insert a paragraph without italicized characters before the first reference and include that paragraph in the selection before the style References is applied.

In my reference list there is a report and before the series title there is an orphan bracket

To achieve a complete parenthesis the series title should be put into the field Series Title and the number of the report in the field Document Number. If the report has no number, the closing bracket must be inserted manually. Don't do this until all references are inserted, see below.  

I want to edit my reference list

Do not edit the reference list until all the references are inserted in the thesis. In other case EndNote will change back to the original appearance. In older versions of EndNote it is necessary to convert the references to plain text (remove the field codes) to edit them. From the version X4 this in not necessary.

When you convert the references to plain text, at the same time margins and page size may change in some sections of the document and pagination and styles may change. Therefore, in stead of removing the field codes, do like this: Copy the reference list and the text that may come after it. Paste it before the the original reference list that EndNote created and insert a page break before the latter. Now you can edit the list you pasted in. When you have created a pdf file from your thesis, delete the pages containing the original reference list. Read here about editing pdf files.

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