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A basic understanding of bibliometrics makes life easier for everyone who is active in the world of research. On the following pages we have compiled information on what bibliometrics is, the resources and tools that you can use, indicators as for example h-index and Impact Factor, and different uses for bibliometric analyses.

What is bibliometrics?

Bibliometrics is a set of methods for quantitative analysis of scientific publications. Bibliometric indicators, based on number of publications and number of citations, are used for the analyses. The number of publications is used as a measure of scientific productivity and the number of citations as a measure of scientific impact. H-index and Impact Factors are two examples of indicators.

As a complement to bibliometrics there are alternative measures, so called altmetrics, which include number of visits at the site of or downloads of a publication, or comments on it in social media.

How can you use bibliometrics?

As an employee or student at SLU, you have access to a number of citation databases with associated analytic tools. Using them, you can, among other values, see the citation data för your own publications, find out which articles and journals can be considered core articles or core journals within a specific subject area, or evaluate potential journals to publish in (see also Publishing strategy).

Turn to the library!

Contact if you have questions about bibliometrics. If you need a bibliometric analysis we can, depending on the nature of the issue, assist with this. Contact us for a discussion about your analysis.   

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