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Open Access

Open access means that scientific output is made permanently and freely available online in a controlled way. This makes it possible for anyone to read, use and download research results. These pages contain information on the benefits of publishing open access and what it means for you as an employee of SLU.

Why publish open access?

  • Open access gives greater visibility and faster dissemination of research results. According to many studies, open access articles gain more citations because they are more accessible.
  • An increasing number of research funders mandate that results from their financed projects are made open access. The idea is that publicly financed research results should be publicly available. Read about funders' mandates.
  • Publishing in open access journals normally means that the authors retain copyright of their publication.
  • By publishing open access you comply with the SLU Vice-chancellor's decision, where scholars of SLU are strongly encouraged to publish open access whenever possible.

How do I publish open access?

There are mainly two ways of making your results available with open access: Either by self-archiving or by publishing in an open access journal.

The Green Road, self-archiving, means publishing in a traditional journal and at the same time with the publisher's permission depositing a copy of the article in an open archive. At SLU this can be done while registering in SLUpub. Simply attach a copy of your article, which will then be transferred to Epsilon - the SLU open archive. If your publication is under a publisher embargo you can still deposit it right away. The Library staff will set the correct date. Your text will not be made available online until the set time has elapsed. Read more about self-archiving at SLU.

The Golden Road, means publishing in an open access journal, where the article is immediately made freely available for a fee. As of today, there are more than 10 000 peer-reviewed open access journals listed in DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals). As an SLU scholar you get discounts on the publishing fees from BioMed Central and Hindawi.

Turn to the Library!

The Library publishing team is well-versed in open access publishing, in Epsilon as well as in open access journals. We offer advice on predatory open access publishers and your copyright and many other aspects. Please contact us with any questions!

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