Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


SLUpub is the university's publication database. This web page contains information about the system itself and what it means for SLU and for you as an employee.

Why SLUpub?

SLUpub is a system for creating full bibliographic coverage of all SLU publications. Among other things it creates connections between authors’ SLU identities and the publications, which is important for evaluations at a university or department level. Any university aiming for success in the competition for funding in the future needs a complete overview of its scientific publishing. SLUpub will be of the utmost importance for SLU in this aspect.

What do you as a scholar need to do?

As a scholar of SLU, you should register all your published texts in SLUpub, i.e. journal articles, books, reports, fact sheets, proceedings etc. If your publication is registered in Web of Science you can easily import the data from there to SLUpub. Popular science publications should also be well documented in SLUpub since the university’s interactions with the surrounding society are increasingly emphasized, both nationally and internationally. Any publications with full text files attached can be automatically exported to Epsilon, so you do not have to register your material in two places. Read more about the connection between SLUpub and Epsilon here.

Validation on departmental level

Some SLU departments have administrators that validate the registered publication on a departmental level, with special care for details such as author affiliation. This creates a more rapid workflow in the system and facilitates the library's final validation. A correct affiliation is a key when it comes to allocations and different kinds of follow ups.

Some departmental validators also register all publications on behalf of the authors.

How are the registrations used?

The registrations in SLUpub will be used for statistics and evaluations at different levels, e.g. future KON at SLU. They will also be exported to the national publication database Swepub. Registrations can be made visible on institutional home pages if so desired. All users can create statistics and publication lists from their own publications.

It is very important that you as a scholar take care to register your publications correctly. Registered publications are the currency of the system – that which determines if a scholar or a unit is evaluated fairly.




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