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Domestic Animals in a Changing World

On this homepage we want you PhD-student to present yourself and your project in short, to facilitate contacts and interchange of information. Discussion forums will be launched where smaller and larger questions and discussions relevant for research and science can be raised and discussed.

Subject specific courses will be announced here, and updated information on the general courses offered at SLU will be published on the homepage to facilitate the choice of courses in your PhD. Information on external courses and conferences will also be found on here.

Journal clubs and seminar series already exist on the respective departments and will be more easily accessible with collaboration, common advertisements and video links. Workshops and seminars will be arranged according to the PhD-students’ demands, and both PhD-students and supervisors will be invited to participate.

The research school Domestic Animals in a Changing World focuses on the changing conditions for a sustainable economic, environmental and ethical usage of farm animals. Read more about the school here.

If you have any questions or have something that you want to post on the homepage, please contact any one of us coordinators.

Helena Wall, Katarina Arvidsson and Nils Lundeheim


2014-04-29 -  Workshop
2014-05-06 -  DACW Seminar

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Here you can find the presentation from the STROBE seminar and also a paper about journals' instructions to peer reviewers and if and how the reviewers and encouraged to use them. 



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