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This is the website for the research school in Translational and Comparative Medicine. This research school will integrate many of the topics at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, for example genetics, molecular genetics, nutrition, pathology, medicine, reproduction, surgery, clinical chemistry, physiology, ecology and animal behavior.

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An Introduction to TCM

To get a quick insight to TCM, have a look at the pp-presention from the launch of the research schools:

SLU Animal Research News

2014-02-25 -  MareFrame - Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management
The new EC-funded research and technological development project MareFrame “Co-creating Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management Solutions“ was launched this year.
2013-11-22 -  SLU researcher in EU-funded genomics project
Recently, the beginning of the Marie Curie-IRSES project named DEANN was announced.
2013-09-25 -  Beijer Foundation donates millions to SLU
The Beijer Foundation gives grants of SEK 30 million to SLU and Uppsala university over five years, for a mutual Beijer Laboratory.


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