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Nordic Conference in Nature Based Interventions and Green Care

Nordic Conference in Nature Based Interventions and Green Care

The Nordic research conference in green care and nature-based interventions will take place in Kristiansand, Norway between the 31st of October and 1st of November 2017 In the last decade an increasing number of individuals with different challenges, ...



Research and teaching at the avian division focus on housing environments and nutrition of egg-laying poultry and broilers. Important areas of research cover interactions between food composition production and product quality and health of the animals ...


Marit's guess was the best - Nanne took 2111 steps

Mellan kl 11:16 och 14:00 tog kon Nanne 2111 steg. Foto: Emma Ternman During this year's cow release event at Lövsta the visitors could guess how many steps the cow Nanne was going to take the first hours after being released to the pasture. Nanne ...

How to succeed as a researcher at SLU

How to succeed as a researcher at SLU

The Young Academy of Sweden and the VH Future Faculty at SLU have the great pleasure of organizing a half-day on career systems and opportunities for young researchers to merit themselves at SLU (How to succeed as a researcher at SLU). We will invite ...

2nd Animal Welfare Science Symposium - Registration

2nd Animal Welfare Science Symposium - Registration

Please fill in the form below to register for the 2nd Animal Welfare Science Symposium. Please state your individual details. Your name and contact details will be published in the list of participants. First name: Last name: Mobile phone: E-mail: University/organisation: ...


2nd Animal Welfare Science Symposium - 21-22 August at SLU in Uppsala

This symposium is intended for researchers and research students in Sweden interested in the broad topic of animal welfare. This symposium is a friendly scientific forum to discuss the broad multidisciplinary subject of animal welfare. Both natural ...


Stefan Gunnarsson, External Collaboration Specialist in sustainable animal production in large herds

By improving animal health and welfare, we can decrease environmental impact from increasing farm sizes. I will allocate activities to several animal species, but also focus on interdisciplinary aspects of sustainability. The increase of farm sizes ...

The Swedish Institute invests in animal welfare

The Swedish Institute invests in animal welfare

The Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare, Scaw, has been granted SEK 500,000 from the Swedish Institute to help build a Nordic-Baltic centre for animal welfare. The call for applications for funding for projects in the Baltic Sea Region aims to strengthen ...


Report on wind power's impact on reindeer refused

Anna Skarin A research report describing the effects of wind power infrastructure development on reindeer has been denied publication by Vindval, the funder of the project. A journalist has examined the process, resulting in an article in Process Nordic ...

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NJV - a multicultural department

The department is organised jointly between the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (VH) and the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences (NJ). Research and education are carried out in an interdisciplinary environment in ...

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Molecular Epidemiology of Campylobacter spp. in Broiler Meat and Quantitative Modeling of the Risk of Human Campylobacteriosis in the Egyptian Setting

The goal of this collaborative research is to enhance the safety of the human food chain through better understanding and risk assessment of the foodborne pathogen Campylobacter in the Egyptian setting The project will provide the first baseline data ...

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Welcome to the Graduate School for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences (GS-VMAS) As from January 1st, 2016 we have one research shool within the VH-faculty, the Graduate School for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences (GS-VMAS) This graduate ...

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