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DNA from white moose tested at SLU

White moose. Photo: Tage Bäck The story about the white moose in the county of Värmland in Sweden has during the last days gone viral on social media around the world. A research team from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) will ...

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Details in plant breading barrier revealed

Aborted triploid seeds (above) and viable triploid seeds rescued by mutations in chromatin modifying genes (below). Photo: Hua Jiang A few years ago Claudia Köhler"s lab at SLU led a study that identified a gene involved in the abortion ...


Large predatory fish maintain healthy waters

Photo: Joakim Hansen Along parts of the Baltic Sea coast, stocks of large predatory fish such as perch, pike and cod have decreased considerably in recent decades. Now, new results from a major ecosystem study show that strong stocks of predatory fish ...


Chinese investment in climate-friendly rice from SLU

Mr Zheng Fang and Torleif Härd, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences at SLU, after signing the agreement. Photo: Jenny Svennås-Gillner, SLU Today, Wednesday, an agreement was signed by the Swedish University of Agricultural ...

SLU appoints six new honorary doctors

SLU appoints six new honorary doctors

Six honorary doctors have been appointed at SLU (The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). They will be awarded their doctor"s degrees at the award ceremony on 7 October this year. The six are professors Lawrence Schaeffer, Canada, Erik Teske, ...


Collaboration between fishers and scientists reduces by-catches in trawl fisheries

Photo: Hans C Nilsson, SLU Aqua A horisontally divided trawl trawl that separates flatfish from cod. A trawl for Norway lobster that releases unwanted fish as well as undersized Norway lobster. A flexible sorting grid that minimize by-catches and make ...


SLU at the UN Ocean Conference

Two fishermen are trying out a new crayfish trawl with a grate that sorts out unwanted catches, such as cod. The crayfish trawl has been developed in a research projects on selective fishing at SLU. Photo: Hans Nilsson, SLU. SLU will participate when ...


More trees and less forest floor vegetation according to new official statistics for Sweden's forests

Swedens forests are become more dense and timber rich, and at the same time forest floor vegetation coverage is declining. This, according to 2017's official statistics from the Swedish National Forest Inventory at SLU which this year also includes ...


Tiny bite marks reveal a global pattern in predation

One of very few dummy caterpillars attacked at the northernmost study site at Zackenberg, Northeast Greenland. (Note the wedge-shaped marks of a bird beak at the lower part of the caterpillar.) Photo credit: Image by ...


The dry lands of the earth are not as poor as we have imagined

Forest with baobab trees in Senegal. Copyright: FAO/Faidutti Many of the dry lands in the world are found in poor, difficult-to-reach and poorly marked areas. When the FAO used Google Earth to map the presence of trees in the ...

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Sweden and SLU take the lead for European university alliance for global sustainable agriculture

View from Mt Mt Morpus, West Pokot in Kenya, where the landscape is dominated by enclosures. Photo: Erik Röhss SLU takes the lead for the global sustainable development agriculture so important alliance Agrinatura. Through SLU, Sweden will lead the ...


SLU supports celebration of Science

On Saturday 22 April 2017, the March for Science will be taking place in over 500 cities around the world. In Sweden, marches are being organised in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Umeå, Luleå and Uppsala. The initiative originates from the USA, and involves ...

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