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Environmental monitoring and assessment

SLU has a unique role among Swedish universities through its commission to perform environmental monitoring and assessment. This is based on society's needs, as expressed in national environmental targets, international commitments and the overall objective of long-term sustainable development.

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Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment

We have central role in the monitoring of inland surface waters in Sweden. Our strength is the combination of research and environmental assessment. 0612200693 0612200693 Lakes and watercourses - As part of our ongoing environmental assesment, we have ...

Markprovtagning MI

About the Swedish Forest Soil Inventory

Soil sampling and soil classification in a soil pit. Photo: Ola Borin, SLU 2005. The Swedish Forest Soil Inventory (SFSI) collects information about soil conditions and soil chemistry from c. 20000 objectively located plots across all of Sweden ...


Exhibition: Vattnet kommer!

How will a warmer climate affect our coasts and how much will the sea levels rise? And what happens to the society when the landscape is changing? Researchers at SLU raise these questions with the exhibition: Vattnet kommer! (Sea levels rising!) on ...

Environmental monitoring and assessment

Environmental monitoring and assessment

Are landscapes and waters used sustainably? Using our knowledge about ecosystems and how we use them, SLU delivers science-based decision support needed to help us reach our environmental objectives, nationally as well as internationally. Find statistics ...

Coastal and sea areas

Coastal and sea areas

The Coastal and sea areas programme gathers SLU's expertise on marine environments and their assessment with special emphasis on fish and shellfish stocks and communities. The programme has a strong international dimension and includes more than sixty ...

Current findings - environment

Current findings - environment

Find recent results and knowledge from SLU's Environmental monitoring and assessment. Published News - environment Entomology Agricultural science Weed seed predation - an overlooked ecosystem service Five European countries will investigate the overlooked ...


Marine eutrophication

Eutrophication of water resources occur almost everywhere on earth. The effects are eg. massive algal blooms, extensive oxygen depletion in lakes and sea areas, and recurrent incidences of fish kills. Many measures has been taken to reduce the inputs ...

Martyn at NonHazCity.JPG

Municipalities in focus - NonHazCity seminar

Marty Futter presents preliminary results from a screening study on hazardous substances in samples from some Baltic Sea municipalities within the NonHazCity project. Photo: Sonja Vikberg, Turku AMK. The municipalities play an important role in reducing ...


Collaboration between fishers and scientists reduces by-catches in trawl fisheries

Photo: Hans C Nilsson, SLU Aqua A horisontally divided trawl trawl that separates flatfish from cod. A trawl for Norway lobster that releases unwanted fish as well as undersized Norway lobster. A flexible sorting grid that minimize by-catches and make ...


SLU at the UN Ocean Conference

Two fishermen are trying out a new crayfish trawl with a grate that sorts out unwanted catches, such as cod. The crayfish trawl has been developed in a research projects on selective fishing at SLU. Photo: Hans Nilsson, SLU. SLU will participate when ...


Biodiversity laboratory

We analyze the spices composition and biomass of aquatic organisms in lakes and streams. The information is used to assess the quality of the waters and habitats, as well as various indicator organisms and the impact of environmental perturbations to ...

Geochemical laboratory (water analyses)

Geochemical laboratory (water analyses)

The laboratory are analysing the chemical composition of inland waters. We are since 1992 accredited by SWEDAC for the analyses of about 40 different parameters, as well as for sampling. In total, about 150 000 samples are analysed and quality assured ...

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