Resource Rooms

Last changed: 02 May 2017

The computers at campus are equipped with special programs designed to facilitate studies for students with reading and writing difficulties. There are also resource rooms available at the library in Ultuna and Umeå. In Alnarp you will find two computers equipped with special programs. In Skara, the resource room is located adjacent to the Hernquist Library. The resource rooms are in addition to the campus computers equipped with the programs EasyConverter and ScreenRuler.

The following programs are offered:

  • EasyConverter

    Scan printed text or Ms Word, PDF or html to DAISY, MP3, Braille and large print. Only available on campus computers.
  • EasyProducer

    Convert Ms Word documents into digital talking books.
  • EasyReader

    Can be used for playing digital talking books in the DAISY format.
  • Gustavas ordböcker

    Dictionary in Swedish and English with spelling suggestions.
  • Saida

    Suggests spelling while you type.
  • Screen Ruler

    Reading ruler wich facilitates staying on the text line while reading. Only available on campus computers.
  • Stava Rex

    Spelling program for Swedish texts.
  • Spell Right

    Spelling program for English texts.
  • TorTalk 

    TorTalkSpeech synthesis which reads out all text on the screen, also in pdf documents and websites. Choose between different English and Swedish voices. Available for both PC and Mac.

Contact IT-support if you would like programs installed to your computer. 

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