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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Hans Liljenström

Research areas

I am a professor in biometry, with a focus on applied mathematics and biomathematical modelling. My sepcial research fileds is theoretical biology and biophysics, which involves modelling of biological (biochemical/genetic/neural/ecological) networks, including their dynamics and functions. It also involves investigating the role of fluctuations, noise and chaos, in such systems. Other scientific interests concern computation with complex dynamics, interactions between different biological levels and processes, the brain-mind relation, as well as relations between social and natural systems. I am lecturing courses in systems analysis and mathematics, applied to sustainable development and natural systems.

In addition, I am the director of the Agora for Biosystems, an international center for dialougue between experimenters and theorists in life sciences and related fields of research. The Agora is under the auspices of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA), with premises in Sigtuna. I am also member of the Swedish committee for the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, IIASA at Formas. Since Oct 2012, I am a joint coordinator for the EU FP7 project COMPLEX, and a work package leader for a case study on land use in the Stockholm-Mälar region.


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Hans Liljenström

Professor, Avdelningen för biometri och systemanalys

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