Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Institutionen för sydsvensk skogsvetenskap

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Emma Holmström

M. Sc. in Forestry, PhD student,

My PhD project
Combination of regeneration methods to achieve mixed stands on clearcut areas in southern Sweden.

In general plantation after clearcut will be performed with dense planting with one single tree species. In most cases several precommercial thinnings (pct) of unplanned natural regeneration is necessary to ensure the investments already been made. With increasing diversity in market demands of forest products the knowledge of managing mixed forest stands will be more requested. Management of cultivated forests in Sweden is on debate concerning biodiversity and for many forest owners other values than the economical outcome in harvesting is to be concerned when establishing the new stand after clearcut. The mixed forest is a possible forest structure for those who want to combine different objectives in their management. With an adequeate prediction the costs of establishment of a new stand could be reduced. With a diversified settings of stand compositions it will be possible to provide management advice oriented to various objectives .

This project focus on how to improve the predicted outcome of natural regeneration on clearcuts and how will management procedures increase/reduce the natural regeneration? We will investigate what factors could be used to estimate the degree of broadleaves regenerated on location and on a regional level. E.g. the composition of previous stand and of surrounding stands and forest edges, soil and water conditions, local production capacity and geographic location and humidity.

Several experiments have been established using scarifiation to enhance natural regeneration combined with spruce plantations in various densities. In other stands the first pct have been performed with different levels of main stems of conifer and broadleaves to get a spectra of mixed and monoculture stands to get more knowledge about the complexity and competition in mixed stands. These experiments will be the ground work for my studies along with earlier acquired research on mixed forest production at our department.

Supervisors: Urban Nilsson, Karin Johansson, Matts Karlsson

Sometimes I teach on courses held by the department:
Planning in Sustainable Forest Management: GIS-introduction & exercises, one of the supervisors of the management plans.
Lectures in forest regeneration issues for Euroforester & Lantmästare
Bokskogsövningen på Sverigeresan

Before the start of my PhD I was working as research assistant at the department. If you want to know what I did those years you could follow the link here

Many of the projects I worked for as an assistant was part of Ädellövskogsprogrammet

My PhD is a part of Future Forest and TC4F

Record Assignment, to download (in Swedish)



Emma Holmström


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