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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Emma Holmström

M. Sc. in Forestry, PhD student,

I am currently doing my PhD studies at the department of Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre (SSFRC), SLU. My research topics concerns establishment and early management of stands that combines planted Norway spruce with natural regeneration of broadleaves, mainly birch.

I have been employed at the department as research assistant part time since 2006-2008 and full time since 2009, working with projects in forest management and forest conservation biology, among them Ädellövskogsprogrammet that ended 2009. In some of the projects I was working in field with experimental setup or inventory of trees and field vegetation. In other projects my main task was to provide GIS- analysis. I am teaching regularly in forest management and GIS on undergraduate and master courses. Since 2007 I have continuously been working with Snogeholm landskapslaboratorium, which is a joint long term project for forest and landscape management including all native tree species. The last years I have been working almost full time on my ph D.



 Details Ph D

Topic: Regeneration and early management of birch and Norway spruce mixtures in southern Sweden.
Supervisors: Professor Urban Nilsson (SSFRC), Karin Hjelm (SSFRC) Matts Karlsson (Södra skogsägarna). Planned time for defense: 4 December 2015.
This phD is part of Future forest, a research program initiated by Mistra, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, and the program is a joint initiative between SLU, Umeå University and Skogforsk.


Holmström, E., Hjelm, K., Johansson, U., Karlsson, M., Valkonen, S., & Nilsson, U. (2015). Pre-commercial thinning, birch admixture and sprout management in planted Norway spruce stands in South Sweden. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 1-10.

Brunet, J., Bukina, Y., Hedwall, P. O., Holmstrom, E., & von Oheimb, G. (2014). Pathogen induced disturbance and succession in temperate forests: Evidence from a 100-year data set in southern Sweden. Basic and Applied Ecology, 15(2), 114-121.

Brunet, J., De Frenne, P., Holmstrom, E., & Mayr, M. L. (2012). Life-history traits explain rapid colonization of young post-agricultural forests by understory herbs. Forest Ecology and Management, 278, 55-62.


International scientific conferences

-Oral presentation at SNS Growth and Yield Network Conference, Simlångsdalen, Sweden. June 2015. Pre-commercial thinning, birch admixture and sprout management in planted Norway spruce stands in South Sweden.

-Oral presentation at 8th International Forest Vegetation Management Conference, Halmstad, Sweden. August 2014. Mixed forest– managing natural regeneration of birch in spruce plantations.

-Oral presentation at Seed Ecology Ⅳ Conf. Shenyang China. June 2013. Modeling regeneration success of birch on clearcuts.

-Oral presentation at 2nd IUFRO Conf. on Complex Forest Ecosystems, New Orleans USA. Oct 2013. Combination of regeneration methods and multiple scenario analysis in order to achieve mixed stands.

-Oral presenstation at 7th Int. Forest Vegetation Management Conf. Valdivia Chile. Nov 2011. Combination of regeneration methods to achieve mixed stands on clearcut areas in southern Sweden.


Supervision of Master thesis

-Sjostedt J. 2012. A literature study and survey of sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) in southern Sweden.
            Master thesis/ SLU, dep of SSFRC. Nr 193. Supervisor Emma Holmstrom.

-Dippel T. 2012. Heritage oaks in a changing landscape : managing biodiversity in southern Sweden. Master thesis/
            SLU, dep of SSFRC. Nr 197. Supervisor Adam Felton & Emma Holmstrom.


Selected earlier work experience and other assignments

-Snogeholms landskapslaboratorium: Contact and coordinator/secretary of the informal management group.

-FOMAN-S, SLU, 2014, Ph D student representative in the environmental monitoring board, SLU forest faculty.

-Research assistant in other ph D projects, SLU, Faculty of forest sciences:
*Widerberg, M. K. Oak as retention tree in commercial spruce forests. Doctoral thesis no 2013:66
*Jensen A. M. Effects of facilitation and competition on oak seedlings. Doctoral thesis no 2011:58
*Birkedal M. Reforestation by direct seeding of beech and oak… Doctoral thesis no 2010:13
*Övergaard R. Seed production and natural regeneration of beech... Doctoral thesis no 2010:12

-Research assistant in projects of selected published papers:
*Drössler, L., Övergaard, R., Ekö, P.M., Gemmel, P. & Böhlenius, H. (2015). Early development of pure and mixed tree species plantations in Snogeholm, southern Sweden. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, pp. 1-13. (Field work and measurements)
*Lof, M., Bolte, A., Jacobs, D.F. & Jensen, A.M. (2014). Nurse Trees as a Forest Restoration Tool for Mixed Plantations: Effects on Competing Vegetation and Performance in Target Tree Species. Restoration Ecology, 22(6), pp. 758-765. (Field work and measurements)
*Lindbladh, M. & Foster, D.R. (2010). Dynamics of long-lived foundation species: the history of Quercus in southern Scandinavia. Journal of Ecology, 98(6), pp. 1330-1345. (Construction of published maps over species distribution)

-Skåne County Administrative Board, 2008. Working in the national heritage tree project.

-Swedish Forest Agency, sept-dec. 2007. Temporary working as forest consultant.



Many of the projects I worked for as an assistant was part of Ädellövskogsprogrammet

My PhD is a part of Future Forest

List of work done as research assistent (in Swedish)



Emma Holmström


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