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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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Ragnar Jonsson

PhD, Post-doc
leave of absence

The 1st of April, 2013, Ragnar began a two-year contract within the Forest  Resources and Climate Unit at the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC).


I have a post-doc position within the research program Future Forests, where I previously was in charge of the component project The Swedish forest sector in a
global context. The objective of the project, which was finalez by the end of 2011, was to analyze the implications for the Swedish forest sector of different possible future developments for international forest product markets.
The project is based on international cooperation in the context of EFSOS, the European Forest Sector Outlook Study. In addition, I have been involved in the scenario
analysis of the Swedish forest sector undertaken in the Future Forests. At the moment I'm engaged in a study within Future Forests concerning possible wood-product market implications of REDD (reduced emissions from deforestation and
forest degradation), where I devote half of my working hours.

The rest of my worktime I spend at EFINORD in Coopenhagen(
Prior to the employment at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, I worked two years at the FAO in Rome, modelling supply and demand of wood products and
providing global market projections for the FAO publication
State of the Worlds forests (


Selected Scientific Publications
1. Jonsson, R. 2004. What governs the end-consumer’s choice of floorcovering: A study of substitute competition. Journal of Forest Products Business Research,  Volume 1 article 3.  (Online journal).
Available from:
2. Jonsson, R. 2005. The end-consumers choice of floorcovering in the Netherlands and the UK: a comparative pilot study of substitute competition. Journal of Wood Science 51(2): 154-160.
3. Jonsson, R. 2006. Increasing the competitiveness of wood in material substitution: a method for assessing and prioritizing customer needs. Journal of Wood Science 52(2): 154-162. DOI 10.1007/s10086-005-0741-8
4. Jonsson, R. 2006. A Method to Assess and Prioritize Customer Needs Among Substitute Materials. Journal of Forest Products Business Research, Volume 3 article 1. (Online journal). Available  from:
5. Jonsson, R. 2011. Trends and Possible Future Developments in Global Forest-Product Markets—Implications for the Swedish Forest Sector. Forests, 2, 147-167
Online at:


Selected Popular Science Publications
1. Jonsson, R. 2009. Prospects for timber frame in multi-storey house building in England, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Sweden. Research Report no. 52. Växjö University, School of Technology and Design. ISBN: 978-91-7636-668-4
2. Jonsson, R. 2009. Forest Products Markets. External drivers affecting Swedish forests and forestry. Future Forests Working Report. Online at:
3. Moen, J. & Jonsson, R. 2009. Scenarios in the  context of Future Forests. Future
Forests Working Report. Online at:
4. Jonsson, R., Egnell, G. & Baudin, A. 2011. The Swedish Forest Sector Outlook Study. Geneva Timber and Forest Discussion Paper (ECE/TIM/DP/58). UNECE/FAO, Geneva, Switzerland. Online at:


Phone: +46 40 41 51 86
Cell:  +46 702 84 31 40
Skype: ragnar_j

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