Stort svenskintresse i CORE Organic II round two

Publicerad: 09 december 2010

CORE Organic II har beslutat att bjuda in 26 projekt att skriva fullständiga ansökningar till sin första utlysning. I 13 av de 26 projekten ingår svenska forskare som partners.

Här listas de tretton projekt som omfattar svenska forskare


Recycling of nutrients in biogas residues for robust and productive cropping systems – Investigations at field, farm and community level, Coordinator Kurt Möller

82 - Biological P-cycling
Optimising biological processes and biodiversity of cropping systems for improved phosphorus cycling in organic farming, Coordinator Hans Marten Paulsen

113 - EU-lupins
Designing resilient cropping systems with lupins, Tailoring genetic diversity and cropping of Lupinus spp. to improve the sustainability and resilience of organic cropping systems, Coordinator R.J.F. van Haren

120 - Softpest multitrap
Management of blossom weevil and European tarnished plant bug in organic strawberry and raspberry using semiochemical traps, Coordinator Atle Wibe

127 - BetterCrop
Better organic crop production through improved nutrient cycling and weed management, Coordinator Jørgen E. Olesen

Improving pest control in organic carrot production, Coordinator Richard Meadow


50 - HealthyHens
Promoting good health and welfare in European organic laying hens, Coordinator Ute Knierim

88 - ICOPP
Improved contribution of local feed to support 100% organic feed supply to pigs and poultry, Coordinator John E. Hermansen

110 - ProPIG
Farm specific strategies to reduce environmental impact by improving health, welfare and nutrition of organic pigs, Coordinator Christine Leeb


36 - ActiPackOrganic
Antimicrobial active packaging based on natural compounds: an intelligent solution for organic products, Coordinator Dr Vito Simeone

96 - SafeSalad
Quality and safety in the production chain of organically produced ready-to-eat salads, Coordinator Hartmut Stützel

126 - SafeOrganic
Restrictive use of antibiotics in organic animal farming – a potential for safer, high quality products with less antibiotic resistant bacteria, Coordinator Søren Aabo

140 - QualityFood
Ensuring quality of organic food along the production chain through quality criteria, analysis methods and selected technologies, Coordinator Johannes Kahl