Climate resilient food production in 2050, what will it look like?

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At this seminar, arranged on 24 October 2019 by SLU Global and SLU Future Food, researchers in soil and water resources, land use systems, livestock production, power and poverty dimensions presented state-of-the-art synthesis of what we know today about future needs and uses of our food productions systems globally as well as in Sweden.

The purpose of the day was to discuss and identify future challenges for resilient food production in 2050, globally as well as in Sweden. Particular focus was put on resilient food production in 2050 and the discussions aimed at  examining the conditions under which this might be supported, identify research areas and what is needed to get there.

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Welcome – Setting the stage
Dr. Annsofie Wahlström Program Director SLU Future Food and Dr. Sara Gräslund, Head of SLU Global

Moderator of the workshop: Anke Fischer, Professor in  Environmental Communication at SLU, with expertise in governance of conflict and transformation

Session 1: Soil and water recourses
Soil and water resources: Old and new challenges with urgent need of solutions in view of global warming and climatic changes
Dr. Abraham Joel, Soil and water researcher at SLU, with expertise in water use in agricultural landscapes

Session 2: Animal husbandry
The climate change challenge for livestock keepers moving northwards
Ulf Magnusson, Professor of Animal Reproduction at SLU, specialised in smallholder livestock production in low and mid-income countries


Session 3: Land use/cropping systems
Challenges and opportunities for sustaining crop production under future climates
Dr. Giulia Vico, Associate professor in Crop Production Ecology at SLU, specialised in vegetation response to changing weather conditions and the potential effects of management strategies

Session 4: Society, food and power
Beyond production: the challenges of global food systems
Adam Pain, Professor in Rural Development at SLU with interests in comparative rural change and livelihood trajectories

Session 5: Policy in practice
Addressing the key drivers
Gunnar Rundgren, Senior consultant, author, one of the founders of KRAV certification system and farmer

Panel questions

Lunch break

World Cafe session 1:
What are the major research challenges within these fields to reach resilient food production?
What do we need to know that we don't know yet?

World Cafe session 2:
What are the major research challenges within these fields to reach resilient food production?
What do we need to know that we don't know yet?

Coffee break

Reporting and summarizing
Key note speakers summarize their take home message from discussions (5 minutes each)
Plenary discussion: What is necessary/needed (resources/decisions/concepts/education/strategies/policies) to do this research?